Non woven machinery

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1491892_189a4cd6d1b0c923e0c9d0cb109aed43 1 SERVOTEC  1/4 fold NAPKIN MACHINE, 33x33 cm double line or 40x40cm single line, 4 colour print , visible in production, best price deal ! 1415861_d38e578a9c455ecacb7ccea0dc6a5396 1 Perini  2700 mm 716B TR & KTW rewinder compact store, w/ LAMINATION, in operation, as new 2004/2005, IMMED. CLEARANCE ! 1667255_1504cee8f6c7e44e86e24eb25c8b562b 1 OMET, Casmatic  complete Omet 840 w/ automatic transfer, packing type 200 & 2 col. print. group, recent overhaul as new !
1452193_8ed23cb767a0b0b9ceeb2c96823005ee 1 Perini, alfetta   2,680mm complete HIGH VOLUME Rewinder Line for TR & KTW w/ print 2 colours, lamination & embosser, 2 unwinds, Buy A LINE WITH LAMINATION AT THE PRICE OF A NORMAL UNIT ! , HOT PRICE HERE ! 1651074_1ebe06a547b416dcd9885e7b0288c5ff 1 UNITED CONVERTING  2.750 MM Type S60 COMPLETE IND. ROLLS LINE, of 2006 ! 1643173_8fc050e297efde1066267f588ac81e6f 1 Technoweb  type Lotus 0620 Wet wipes production machine, yom 2006
1448087_eecbaa282327b04c2a5b76abf091f4dc 1 Wrapmatic  Type PW20 Packing machine for TR 2,4 & KTW 2 1651073_728aa53dfd74292f0c788f3fd99b3241 1 Perini  702 G type 2750 mm industrial rolls rewinder, complete line ! 1575066_31fad32e3f1f272242696c7336c05c0a FUBANG  FB1606, Rewinding and Perforating Machine

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