Non woven machinery

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1599762_1f2eeaf83d25e8bb37dc74b4db47683d 2 Langhammer Forderanlagen  bagger/  Semi- automatic wrapper 1599763_87725d0c55208b4b8c6ac6ab4f1315d0 1 Perini  PC-450 rewinder with log accumulator for  a symbolic small price! 1599768_f23953d7053b3654de78930caba7b88d 1 Perini  Orbital electronic log saw type 102 E, 2 lanes, 120 cuts/ mn,  of year 2007!
1415861_d38e578a9c455ecacb7ccea0dc6a5396 1 Perini  2700 mm 716B TR & KTW rewinder compact store, w/ LAMINATION, in operation, as new 2004/2005, IMMED. CLEARANCE ! 1595228_5f659f5dbd18afecfa60be9371f06d7f 1 OBL, Gambini   2800 mm 3 ply tissue paper slitter rewinder, of year 2009 ALMOST NEW, in operation til sold ! 1452193_8ed23cb767a0b0b9ceeb2c96823005ee 1 Perini, alfetta   2,680mm complete HIGH VOLUME Rewinder Line for TR & KTW w/ print 2 colours, lamination & embosser, 2 unwinds, NEED TO SELL, HOT PRICE HERE !
1586281_380746e411cf97ccaebfb5d9354b0ae3 1 Cassoli  Pac 1220 TR & KTW wrapping machine, just avail. oct.2016, 55.000 eur only! 1600431_4c8dad4b8d1c9bcaa7dd64ac233132a0 1 Italconverting  2700 mm Rewinder type 24.10 E,  2014 Overhaul , VERY VERY SMALL PRICE for immediate removal ! 1362941_bffb616cecc77869a80406cc049576ef 1 Perini  TR & KTW 2520 mm complete line type PC-450, price to go!

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