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1675410_657982231a74e239c445ae5280c19ab7 2 Unknown  Photovoltaic installations,roof installation, with a total installed capacity of 12.7 kWp, consisting of: approx. 180 pieces of thin film modules, type: FS75, 70 Wp First Solar, Photovoltaic installations 1675388_29058547c1226de53d424263aaa15e2b 1 Zessler  Phosphating drum and galvanic plating plant, with 28 treatment basins, with autom. Protal mobile transport system for racks and drums, 2 traversing trolleys, container arrangement, Phosphating drum and galvanizing plant 1675147_6a4b9e55f57b2e058cd637f618fc7bf6 1 Unknown  Drum trolley, int. No .: plant 2, double row, consisting of: 1 lifting / tipping device, drum depositing station, cross conveyor with 40 treatment basins, 35 suspension drums, Drum automatic tine
1675142_e531dc459a33ca9075b1c2935a644107 1 Unknown  Aftercoating plant (drum unit), int. No .: enclosure 4, drum volume approx. 0.18 m3, cycle time 10. 15 minutes. (Depending on the material), approx. 1 cascade sink, approx. 800 l / yellow chromating, approx. 1.000 l / yellow sink, approx. 800 l /, Post-c 1675141_e69eef97958cd44632d302fcb1748419 1 Unknown  Electroplating plant, int. Nr: Annex 6, acc. From: 17 treatment baths (bath arrangement: 2 x cascade rinsing / transparent passivation / flushing / boiling degreasing / 2 x cascade rinsing / pickling / rinsing,  Zinc / nickel drum 1675140_8c3dc291d8afe558fc9334cd78aa62b7 1 Unknown  Post-treatment facility, for small parts such as screws, From: 1 lifting device 1 vibrating storage bin Skako Comessa 1 cross conveyor belt (reel) Rampf, length approx. 9,000 mm, Aftertreatment unit
1675138_bd585d6379add39caf56df5c34df6c96 1 Osnabrück   Double-drum electroplated galvanizing plant, fully automatic, double-row, 3 linear portal mobile carriages, slide coating line consisting of: 1 lifting and tilting device 1 storage vibrating bin Skako 1 vibrating channel, Metalworks 1675137_ca28fff06c3e7af0bc6d46c1ca882294 1 Reinhardt  Delta-Seal-Tone-Coll-System, From: 1 Hebekippgerät 1 Vibrating storage bin Skako Comessa 1 Vibrating conveyor 1 Displacement rack for submersible baskets 5 Immersion basin, round with oil separator for hot water incl. Sink, capacity approx. 1,500 l 1 hot 1674370_8cac5366c2a280362042e2ee36559f2b 1 Unknown  stainless steel tubes, excluding steel storage buck / frame, excluding all non-specified cases , Stainless steel tubes

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