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1644161_fcba6a6e293d3590dcd2de31225a2c53 1 Agie   Lowering machine, travel distances X-, Y- and Z-axis: 600 x 300 x 440 mm, with accessories, Off: 1 mobile exhaust, with top-mounted muffler 1 Switch and control cabinet PDC60M1, serial no .: 029.007, 74.336 B / h 1 Kleinwöschanlage Total Walther K7040.1 1644137_ea720af41b9e9b96e2230d4fb23b8b9d 1 Baumann & Sons  Coil-Pallet, Serial No .: 6119, Inventory No .: 1159, 1500 kg payload, LMIT switch and control cabinet , Mini 2F 1644129_84fb9cbc50e958fd47930836e14d6f56 1 Ultrasonic  CM Eletronics 3VST150 / D, Cleaning Machine, equipped with: 3 chambers for M5 / H²O / M7, loading from above, with draining and draining Stainless steel design 1 loading cradle CM Electronics, load capacity 450 N, year of construction: 2000 2 exhaust fan
1643905_bc3995b4309b97d1b356416eaa286cf8 1  Zeiss Vista  Coordinate measuring machine, Measuring range X / Y / Z axis: 400 x 500 x 350 mm, probe holder PH6, Button set with installation kit TP200 / Calypso and Usoft, test equipment no .: 15601, with measuring computer Fujitsu, 1620-14 MOT 1643903_49a834e981c1a0e1fefb06662046852e 1 Unknown  1 water softener WA-ED60, year: 005710, with 2 exchange resin cartridges and flocculant tank 1 water tank Sulzer Escher Wyss, with expansion vessel, control and control cabinet 3 cooling water pumps KSB, control and control cabinet, Inv- No .: 293 2 Cool 1643894_e627107d982267ae9b98c2b9a30ea45b 1 Rundtakt  Montageautomat Metalluk-Automatisation for Printklemmen, Special construction, int .: Nr .: 571 / RTA 201, equipped with: various and exchangeable production stations, currently 16 Piece 1 Vibrating-part-round conveyor, diam. Approx. 700 mm 2 2-way vibra
1643892_1a0609fbede874cac9e56366b5aea402 1  Trumpf TruMark  Laser parts marking system, Station 5000 1643891_e6c2d4d3458fc77c5419600608d73327 1 Schenck  balancing machine, with switch and control cabinet, touchscreen monitor CAB920, grating housing, L-shaped mounted, with sliding door, HM4BU 1643890_26270aa384b0d6a0740110f4b5844222 1 Unknown   robotic assembly machine (plant under construction), equipped with: 1 control cabinet 3 vibrating linear feeders Eccard LF1-170 and LFE1-170,  LFE1-170

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