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Paint manufacturing

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1621089_e0c106f38aaedb9c900cdb04289d4a7a Brand: Stober Auction name: Colour Display in Deventer (2/2) Online fore...
24 Nov. 2016

EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1040851_ae98b50da6b43e25b75ac45cf30cefd9 Brand: BUSS Exruder Buss Extruder PLK 100, was in use for Powder Coatings, w...
01 Sep. 2015

1990 EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1040831_d393cc85f7fc958816057a97a6eb7c34 Brand: BBA Chill Rolls BBA CCC 140/140 Chill Rolls, good condition, was in...
26 Aug. 2015

1999 EUROPE Central and Eastern See details
772385_ca00e60852f9f2c6d2e8ef1c37674492 Brand: Q-SUN The Q-SUN Xe-2 rotating rack xenon arc test chamber reproduces ...
06 Mar. 2015

2013 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
4 items found. Results 1 to 4

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