1 FLAKT, Ahlstrom

Pulp Drying Machine, 330 TPD

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REF. 40662-W2
Width ( Inch, mm ) WI
Type Pulp Drying Machine
Capacity ( TPD ) 330 TPD
YEAR 1986
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
LAST CHECK 11 Apr. 2008
Pulp Drying Machine, 330 TPD

Brand: Ahlstrom/Flakt

Used Ahlstrom/Flakt pulp drying machine

Manufacturer Ahlstrom/Flakt Manufacturing Year 1986
W.width mm 3800 Type Fourdrinier/Flakt
Cap. TPD 330
Max gsm 700 Speed m/min 100
Valmet head box made in 1998
Ahlström wire part made in 1986
Valmet formation wire, made in 1990
type MB-Former
Devronizer new in 1991
Suction coach
Forward drive roll
Press made by Ahlström in 1986
Pick up roll, with two press nips
Third pressnip
Top roll dia. 810 mm
Bottom roll dia. 810 mm
Flakt Dryer made in 1991
Type FCL Calender
Measuring system made by Valmet in 1999
Jagenberg on line sheet cutter, with automatic system stack changing with conveyor .

Pope reel for making reels of pulp if needed
Pope made by Ahlström in 1986
Used in case pulp is sold as fluff pulp
Slitter winder made by Bruderhaus used for making fluff pulp reels
Vacuum system Water wing pumps made by Nash, type Cl 2000 and 3000
Pulpers under the machine made by Grubbens
Drive, with AC and DC drive motors on wire and press part
Baling line
Baling press
Made by Sund type PAM 1000
Wrapping machine made by Sund
Wire machine with spare unit Stacker

Unitiser with steel wire or paper string
Roll wrapping line for fluff pulp rolls if need, also available

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