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Multi Hydro Vario roll, 165''(4191mm)

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REF. 239359-W2
BRAND Küsters
Type Multi Hydro Vario roll
Trim ( Inch , mm ) 165"(4191mm)
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
EUROPE Western and Northern
LAST CHECK 07 Feb. 2011
Multi Hydro Vario roll, 165''(4191mm)

Kuster Multi Hydro Vario roll Calender installed in the fall /winter of 1996-1997.

It uses hydraulic pressure to load the top roll.
Two rolls currently installed and two rolls spare, one each for the top and bottom positions.

Face width is 4191mm 165”
Top roll diameter is 812 mm 32” +/- 1%
Top roll is 15,000 kg 33,000 lbs for removal.
Bottom roll diameter is 620 24.4 +/- 1%
Bottom roll is 10,500 kg 25,150lbs for removal.
Support centers distance is 5080 mm 200”
Paper weight 89-330 g/m2 55-200lb/3000sqft
Linear pressure is 7-263N/mm 1500 PLI
Paper web width is 3937 mm
Paper web temperature approximate 76C
Paer web moisture approximate 3-6%
Paper web tension is 0.55-1.53 N/mm
Design speed is 610 m/min 2000fpm
Production speed is 150-457 m/min 500-1500fpm
Drice capacity - MHV- roll at 1500fpm is 66 kW NRL
Peritherm - roll at 1500fpm is 66kW NRL
Total weight is 46,400kg 102,400lbs
Cooling water temp maximum Pressure 4-6 bar is 27C
Instrument air pressure 4-8 bar
Steam pressure 2-5 bar
Cooling water for hydraulic system 11 m3/h
Required air consumption (total) for pneumatic (instrument air) is 12 m3/h
Sound level <85 dB(A)

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