1 Lectra

Complete Used Automatic Cutting Line

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REF. 37977-1
BRAND Lectra
Short description Complete Used Automatic Cutting Line
YEAR 2005
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
EUROPE Western and Northern
LAST CHECK 17 Mar. 2008
Complete Used Automatic Cutting Line

Complete used LECTRA automatic cutting line working width 2,2m
(Brio 55 spreader, spreading tables 14 mtr. Cutter Vector 5000)

- Cutter Lectra Vector 5000, Manufacturing date: 09.2005, condition Excellent
- Description: Conveyorised Automatic Cutting Machine LECTRA VT5000 Fashion
Including :
- Vector Pilot(Software for Introduction of Markers) VT5000Driver
- Vector Pilot Eclipse (Software for cutting conveyor advance)
- Multicut (VT5000 cutter, cutting during the transport from table to table)
- Drill system: Automatic drill, hollow drill module
- Time Management: report system
- Model -support Modem remote
- BARCOD- V3 - Cordless barcode reader
- Cutting Width: 220 cm
- Cutting Height: 5 cm compressed material
- Automatic Vacuum regulation for best performance for each fabric.
- Blade cooling device with compressed air jet
- POST PRINT: label machine mounted on the VT5000 Conveyor
- Speed: Continuous with the cutting speed

LECTRA Spreading Machine BRIO 55 Automatic
Effective width: 2.3 m
Roll diameter: max 60cm
Rol Kg : max 55kg
Management system Barcode reader
Functions :
Time management system, Report system(txt files), Graphic display,
cradle feed system, tension free system, ply and high counter, edge alignment control, unrolling function, movable End catchers with papers device, speed control, Revers fabric function
ROLL LOADER from floor to spreading machine brio 55
SPREADING TABLES: motorized conveyor transfer table for Brio width 2.20m : Total length of line 16 mtr. (7+7mtr). 2mtr fixed table for spreading machine parking.

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