1 Loopco

, Slitting Line

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REF. 323112-W3
BRAND Loopco
Short description Slitting Line
YEAR Before 1980
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
LAST CHECK 15 Mar. 2012
, Slitting Line

Brand : Loopco
Year : 1972

- Material processed galvanized, al and painted mild steel
- weight capacity: 30,000#
- max. Incoming coil width 54"
- max. Finished coil width 52"
- material thickness: 0.008" - 0.125"
- coil i.d. Entry 16" to 20"/24"
- i.d. Exit 16" lag plates to 20"
- line speed low 500 fpm
- high 950 fpm
- line direction: right to left

Consisting of:
-3 arm turnstile:
54" arm length
no pushoff

-entry coil car:
48" bed width
l type
17" from front face to "v"
23" from center of "v" to back plate

-uncoiler: loopco
serial #800 j6 129 a & b
54" face mandrel
expansion range: 15.25" - 20.50"
bolt on pads for 24" i.d.
Hydraulic expansion
4 segment mandrel
traversing base
ac motor threading drive w/air clutch
wichita water cooled brake

-combination holddown roll, peeler table: loopco
serial #800 j6130
rubber covered holddown roll

-entry crop shear: royalton
hyd. Downcut type
60" wide

-(3) slitter heads: loopco
(2) heads - 7" dia. X 54" face arbors
s/n: 6442-d 12860
s/n: 6150a 123 19b
(1) head - 5" dia. X 55" face arbors
s/n: 800j 611 320g
single eccentric arbor adjustment
knife dia.: 11"/12" max.
Reduction ratio gearing 4:1
15 hp ac threading drive, 1740 rpm
40 hp dc motor, 1150 to 2000 rpm, 500 v

-scrap winder
hydraulic motor driven
oscillate wind
approx. 12" wide x 36" dia. Scrap ball capacity

-tension stand: stamco
entry catenary pit rolls
entry passline rolls
entry separator tooling bar
pad type tension
exit passline roll

-exit crop shear: royalton
hyd. Downcut type
60" blade length
exit passline rolls

-recoiler: loopco
s/n: 800 j6134c
16" dia. X 58" face drum
bolt on plates for 20" dia.
Max. Coil o.d.: 72"
hyd. Clamp and expansion
dual direction gripper
hydraulic pushoff
overarm separator
100 hp reliance dc motor, 500/2000 rpm, 500 v, w/blower
240 field volts, holding brake
2 speed gearbox, s/n: l-4547, model 140-d
rating: 75 hp, input rpm: 500
ratios: 8.34/25.03:1
38" passline height from floor to center of drum
approx. Weight: 27,000 lbs.

-3 arm turnstile:
62" arm length
no pushoff

-2 crates of knives/spacers & 1 crate rubbers
-the line has 2 brand new cmc drives along with a new
automation direct plc.
-drawings included

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