Kraft Pulp Mill, 820 ADMT of NBSK and NBHK

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REF. 231516-2
Type Kraft Pulp Mill
Capacity ( TPD ) 820 ADMT of NBSK and NBHK
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
LAST CHECK 12 Jan. 2011
Kraft Pulp Mill, 820 ADMT of NBSK and NBHK

KRAFT PULP MILL producing 820 ADMT of superior quality Northern Softwood and Hardwood Bleached kraft pulps (NBSK and NBHK)

The mill manufactured superior quality Northern Softwood and Hardwood Bleached kraft pulps (NBSK and
NBHK). Pulp digester production capacity was markedly affected by wood species mix as the production rate on
hardwood is about 15% higher than softwood.
Production at the digester was 330,000 air-dry metric tonnes (admt) market pulp per year running 100% softwood
or 375,000 admt per year on 100% hardwood. The average sustainable capacity of the existing pulp dryer,
however, is about 820 air-dry metric tonnes (admt) per day or 290,000 admt per year on either softwood or
The mill achieved ISO 9002 certification of its quality management system as well as ISO 14001 certification of its
environmental management system. The mill is in excellent overall equipment condition, no major capital required
at the present time. A new Steam & Recovery area was installed in 2000 and there is excellent overall energy
balance. There is also additional Recovery Boiler capacity available for future growth.

An available ( upon request ) pictorial describes the mill use, fuel requirements and steam use for summer and winter operation of
the mill as currently configured to meet the needs of the pulp mill and recently closed paper mill.


The following table lists the major Pulp Mill projects (projects with costs exceeding US$ 300,000) completed since
Wood Handling
Second portal crane 1996
Chip crawler tractor 1997
980G wheel loader with high lift 8’ attachment 1997
Woodyard / portal crane fire protection 2000
Hog reclaim dust containment 2002
Steam & Recovery
Steam stripping system 1996 – 1997
Strong non-c0ndensible gas collection and incineration 1996 – 1998
Potable water system 1998 – 1999
Wood waste and low odour boiler project 1997 – 2000
Reduce fly ash leakage at Iks 2002
Backup NCG incineration 2003
Lime kiln upgrade 1996
Chemical Plant R3H to R10 conversion 1996 – 1997
Bleach Plant DCS replacement 1998
Peroxide bleaching system 2001
Liquor loop reliability improvement (swing clarifier) 2001 – 2002
Pulp machine trash screen 2002
Digester “smart filtration” 2002
Upgrade digester outlet device (safety) 2003
RF project – Bleach Plant modifications 2003 – 2004
Increase digester extraction (center-screen) 2004

Wood Chip Preparation and Screening

Bleaching and Cleaning

Pulp Drying
The pulp drying process transforms the bleach pulp slurry into a shippable product. The slurry is formed into a
continuous, thick sheet mat on the pulp machine where some water drains by gravity from the mat. The mat is then
pressed between large rolls to remove additional water. The remaining water is removed in a Flakt dryer where air
heated by steam evaporates water in the sheet as it passes through the dryer. The large pulp sheet is then cut into
smaller sheets which are stacked on the layboy. The stacks are compressed to reduce the height of the stacks. The
stacks are wrapped and strapped into “bales” of pulp sheets. The bales are loaded for shipment in railcars.

Chemical Recovery Process

Steam and Power Generation
The Recovery Boiler generates the majority of the Mill’s steam requirements. Additional steam is generated from
wood residuals (from the barking, chip preparation and screening processes) and from residues delivered from
other area wood processing operations. These are fired in a bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boiler (originally a
Recovery Boiler, converted in 1999). During winter additional steam may be required and could be supplied by
natural gas use in the Recovery or BFB boiler. Boiler steam is passed through one of two turbogenerators before
use in mill production processes. The turbogenerators produce electricity to offset purchased power requirements.
The energy system is further detailed in a later section.

Mill Water Supply
The Mill uses a significant amount of water (100,000 m3 per day) in its processes. Water is sourced from the river.
Water is treated (solids removal, softening, chlorination) for general use. There is a demineralization process for
boiler feedwater and separate well system for potable water.

Woodyard & Woodroom
Wood Processing
Roundwood storage capacity – approximately 1 million m3 available under portal cranes on 914 m
of rail
Chip storage capacity – approximately 300,000 m3 hardwood and 150,000 m3 softwood
Portal cranes
#1 - KRANCO tree length transport from storage to woodroom, installed 1989, capacity 33
tonnes, upgraded in 1996 including drive and gantry motor upgrade
#2 - Andritz Kone Wood tree length transport storage to woodroom, installed 1996,
capacity 40 tonnes, upgraded rail profile milling in 2005, cantilever capacity to stack wood
outside rails
Log decks - Celcotec Equipment loading point for round wood entering woodroom, tree length and
cut 8’ wood, tree length is cut to 8’ via slasher system, installed 1989, capacity about 210
tonnes/hr, 8’ deck is run of tree length deck, hydraulic drive upgrade done on tree length deck
Debarking drum - Andritz Kone Wood single debarking drum system, installed 1989, size 38m x
5.5m, 1600HP, 7 rpm, upgrade – easy roll support system installed on outboard support in 2000,
drive tire re-shrink to drum done in 2004.

Chipper - Andritz Kone Wood HQ single line chipper system, installed 1996, capacity about 210
tonnes/hr, upgrade – turn knife system installed in 2002.
Chip truck dumper - PS&E/Rader, 1988, 65 ton, 63o lift, lift to accommodate flow through style
trailers, deck 56’ long x 12’ wide
Hog Fuel Reclaim and Processing
Wood waste receiving - IECO Industrial Systems wood waste receiving system from outside sources
via walking bed trucks/dump trucks and loaders, installed 1999, capacity 100 tonnes/hr
Pile Stacker - IECO Industrial Systems hogged fuel automated conveyor/stacking system, installed
1999, capacity 150 tonnes/hr surge
Hoggers - two VK Brunette independent wood hammer style waste processors, Grizzly Mill Model
4872, 800 HP, installed 1999, capacity 150 tonnes/hr surge
Reclaim screws - two Andritz Wood Processing automated auger screws for reclamation of loose
processed bark (hog), installed 1999, capacity 350 m3/hr loose processed bark, upgraded Trimay

Chip bin - Kamyr, 1976 – 27’ x 14’ dia, 3,250 ft3
Chip meter - Kamyr, 1976, capacity size #7, upgraded 2005
Low pressure feeder - Kamyr, 1976, capacity size #7, upgraded 2004
Steaming vessel - Canron, 1973, 28’ x 6’6” dia, 935 ft3, upgraded 1998
Chip chute - Ahlstrom, installed 2000, capacity size #6
High pressure feeder - Kamyr, installed 1967, capacity size #6, upgraded 2005
Impregnation vessel – Dominion Bridge, 1976, 54’ x 12’5” dia, 5,540 ft3
Vapour phase digester - Horton/Kamyr, installed 1967, 182’ x 17’6” dia, 38,500 ft3
Flash tank - Saskatoon Boiler, installed 1978, 32’ x 16’ dia, capacity 1,738 ft3
Blow tank - Horton, installed 1967, 60’ x 30’ dia, capacity 35,140 ft3
Diffusion washer - Kamyr, installed 1979, capacity 750 tpd, storage capacity 200 admt

Pulp Mill - Digester (cont’d)
Brownstock washers
#1 - GLV, installed 1967, 22’ x 14’ dia, upgraded 2000, filtrate tank Parsons Wittemore,
installed 1967, 38’ x 32’ dia, capacity 26,550 ft3
#2 - GLV, installed 1967, 22’ x 14’ dia, filtrate tank Parsons Wittemore, installed 1967, 36’ x
32’ dia, capacity 26,550 ft3
#3 - GLV, installed 1974, 22’ x 14’ dia, upgraded 2001, filtrate tank Parsons Whittemore,
installed 1974, 37’ x 32’ dia, capacity 27,000 ft3
Brown stock high density storages
#1 and #2, Parsons & Whittemore, 1967, 66’ x 20’ dia, 90 admt
#3, Tilechem, 1976, 68’ x 25’ dia, 180 admt

Bleach Plant
Bleach sequence DWEOPDED
Washers – Canron, installed 1968, upgraded with wire cleaners 2003
Cleaners – six stage Cellco system with fibremizer, installed 1985, material SIS2343
Bleached Decker - Canron, installed 1967, 26’ x 14’ dia
Slusher - Stebbins, installed 1968, 20’ x 8’ dia
Bleached high density towers
#1 and #2, Parson & Whittemore, 1967, nominal capacity 125 admt each
#3 Tilechem, 58,000 ft3, nominal capacity 200 admt
#3 can pump to the paper machine stock system
ClO2 storage tanks (2) – Protective Plastics, 1981, 12,572 ft3 each

Pulp Machine
Screening - NOSS pre-head box trash screening, installed 2002
Forming - Black-Clawson fourdrinier 236”, installed 1968,
Press - double felted first press, single felted second and third presses
Dryer - Flakt 25 deck L-style dryer, 224” trim, installed 1968, upgraded thread system in 2002
Cutter layboy - Lamb-Grays Harbor, installed 1968, air float table installed 2002
Bale line - two 1000 ton presses, three oval strapping wire tiers, three Toledo scales
Kiln and Causticizing
Dregs washer, Dorr-Oliver, 1967, 6’ x 6’
Green liquor clarifier, Door-Oliver, 1967, 32’ x 55’ dia, 76,026 ft3
Green liquor storage, Stelco/Kamyr, 1981, 32’ x 30’ dia, 17,990 ft3
Lime slaker, EIMCO, 1995, 9.2’ x 18.1’
Causticizers (4), Dorr-Oliver, 1966, 13’ x 16’, 2,614 ft3, SS304
White liquor clarifier #1, Dorr-Oliver, 1967, 32’ x 65’ dia, SS304
White liquor clarifier #2, Dorr-Oliver, 1968, 32’ x 50’ dia, SS304
Swing clarifier, Dorr-Oliver, 2002, 25.8’ x 65’ dia, SS304
Lime mud washer, Dorr-Oliver, 1967, 38.8’ x 70’ dia, 82,952 ft3, SS304
Lime mud storage, Dorr-Oliver, 1967, 20’ x 22’ dia, 7,602 ft3, A283C
Pebble lime storage, Phillips Barratt, 1976, 46.2’ x 20’, 8,829 ft3, mild steel
Burnt lime storage, Horton/Parsons & Wittemore, 1967, 52.7’ x 25’ dia, 17,200 ft3, A283C
Lime kiln, Allis-Chalmers, 1967, 275’ x 11.5’ dia

Steam and Recovery
Weak liquor tanks (2)
Horton/Parsons & Whittemore, 1967, 60’ x 35’ dia, 59,175 ft3, A283C
Evaporators consist of five body, five effect evaporator in flow sequence 6-5-4-3-1, effects 3, 4, 5 &
6 Horton/Kamyr LTV design, effect 1 Tampella Power falling film design, major upgrades - 1976
evaporator optimization EIMCO supplied No. 6 evaporator and additional condenser, 1995
Tampella Power installed no. 1 falling film evaporator, 1999 No. 4 Effect vapour dome replaced in
304L SS, 2003 retubing of No. 5 effect
HPD US Filter two effect, three body concentrators consisting of one intermediate solids
crystallizers and two high solids crystallizers each with triple pass vertical heaters, installed 1999,
capacity 541 gpm 48% to 75% black liquor solids
Strong liquor tanks
#1 and #2 –Parsons & Whittemore, 1967, 51.5’ x 22’ dia, 18,620 ft3
#3 – Parsons & Whittemore, 1976, 57.4’ x 40’ dia, 60,319 ft3
68% black liquor storage tank
Westminister Boiler, 1998, 62’ x 32’ dia, 35,110 ft3
75% product liquor storage tank
US Filter, 1998, 22.7’ x 12’ dia, 1,948 ft3
No. 3 Recovery Boiler
Babcock and Wilcox single drum recovery boiler, 1999, low odour complete with 304L composite
water wall and Inconel composite floor tubing, 1250 psig and 900oF at superheater outlet, 1525
psig design pressure, capacity 115% MCR softwood, 726,800 lb/hr steam flow, 4,370,500 lb/day
black liquor solids (73.5%), 115% MCR hardwood, 573,800 lb/hr steam flow, 3,795,000 lb/day
black liquor solids (73.5%), natural gas 447,700 lb/hr steam flow, 659,290 cu ft/hr, 1999 ABB
electrostatic precipitator, double chamber, 99.77% efficient at 100% MCR
Hog Fuel Power Boiler
Kvaerner Pulping completed conversion of the 1967 B&W No. 1 Recovery to a Bubbling Fluidized
Bed Combustor in 2000, capacity 419,000 lb/hr at 615 psig and 750oF on 197,000 lb/hr wood
waste hog fuel at 55.9% moisture by weight, 2000 ABB electrostatic precipitator, single chamber,
99.63% efficient, major component replacements - generating bank 1988/1989, long flow
economizer 1988, nose and arch 1989
Natural Gas Power Boiler
Babcock & Wilcox Stirling Power Boiler, installed 1967, converted from hog/gas/oil to gas/oil by
removal of over fire and under grate air systems, capacity 400,000 lb/hr at 625 psig and 750oF on
natural gas, 400,000 lb/hr at 625 psig and 630oF on bunker C fuel, major component replacement
history - burners replaced in 1988 with Peabody Engineering (6 total), generating bank and
superheater 1996, partial floor replacement 2005
No. 1 Turbine Generator
ASEA-Stal Laval B-2200 Radial Turbine, installed 1967, last major overhaul 2001
Generator - 26,250 kVA @ 0.8 PF, 13,800 volt, 21,000 kW
Turbine - 3600 rpm, inlet 600 psig at 750oF, extraction 199 psig, back pressure 80 psig

Steam and Recovery (cont’d.)
No. 2 Turbine Generator
General Electric Nine Stage Turbine with single automatic extraction and air cooled generator,
installed 2000
Controls - GE Mark VI, last major overhaul 2005
Generator - S/N 316X976, 50,600 kVA, 13,800 volt, 43,010 kW
Turbine - S/N 197746, rated 40,829 kW, steam inlet 1204 psig and 896oF, extraction 185 psig, back
pressure 83 psig, rated 3600 rpm
Fuel oil storage tank
Horton, 1967, 48’ x 67’ dia, 169,200 ft3

Water Systems
Complete Water Treatment Plant

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