Twin Screw Z-Peller Tug, GRT 170

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REF. 476058-W10
Model Twin Screw Z-Peller Tug
Capacity GRT 170
YEAR 2009
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
LAST CHECK 30 May. 2012
PRICE $ 6,180,000
Twin Screw Z-Peller Tug, GRT 170

3,600 hp 2009 Twin Screw Z-Peller Tug

• Technical Details:
• Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
o Length Over All: 32.30 m 106 feet
o Registered Length:29.07 m 95 feet
o Length between Perpendiculars:
28.00 m 92 feet
o Molded Beam: 9.00 m 30 feet
o Molded Depth: 3.65 m 12 feet
o GRT: 170
o Tank Capacity:
o Fuel Tank:
71.0 cubic meters 93 cubic yards
o Fresh Water Tank:
8.00 cubic meters 10 cubic yards
o Speed and Power: Sea Trial Speed:
14.09 kt. (maximum)
o Service Speed: 13.10 kt (75 % of output power)
o Towing Power:
49 tonnes (maximum ahead power)
46 tonnes (maximum astern power)
o Accommodation:
o Crew members:6 persons
o Passenger: 0 persons (in coastal area)
• Others:
• 10 persons
o Main Rooms:
• Pilot house, captain's cabin, chief engineer's cabin
chief officer's cabin, 4 chains for other crew members
• 6 beds, salon, mess room, laundry, bath room
toilet, waterproof garment room
boatswain's store
• Deck store, 2 stores for ship articles, paint room
engine room and propeller unit room
o Classification Society: JG
o Class Notation:
Navigational area is the Coastal area
o Year Built: 2009
• Deck Machinery:
o Anchor-rope windlass: (at the head)1 pc.
o Anchor windlass:3.5 t x 15m/min
o Rope windlass: 2.0 t/1.0 t x 45 m/90 m/min
o Drum capacity: rope diameter 75 x 200 m
246 x 656 feet
o Anchor and Anchor chain:
main chain: 370 kg x 2 pcs
Anchor chain (galvanized) diam
22 mm x 150 m (0.87 in. x 492 ft)
o Braking force: 80 t (on the bird layer)
o Brake: Automatic-hydraulic cylinder
with back tension
o Control:
Remote control in the pilot house
and manual control
o Other Characteristics:
he inner side of the drum is covered
with stainless steel plate
• The anit-icing cover or the rope windlass
handbrake band is made of stainless steel.
o Rope reel: (at the stern) 1 pc.
o Power 2.0 t/1.0 t x 45 m/90 m/min
o Drum capacity: rope diameter 80 x 300 m
262 x 984 feet
o Brake: Manual hand brake
o Control:Local control
o Other Characteristics: T
he inner side of the drum is covered
with stainless steel plate
o Hydraulic Power Unit for Hydraulic Machinery:
o Electric Hydraulic Pump Unit:
Variable displacement hydraulic pump
30 kw (40 hp)AC 220 V, 60 Hz, 6 P, 61,160 RPM
o Towing Hook: Open hook "JIS 60t" type
with remote control derricking
mechanism and removal mechanism
with shock absorbing spring
Remote control in the pilot house
and manual control
• Main Engines (2)
o Type: Vertical 4-cycle 4-valve single
action trunk piston type diesel engine
with turbocharger and air cooled
o Make/Model:
Nigata Power System co. Ltd. / 6L26HX
o Power @ 750 RPM
1,323 kW x 2 1,800 hp x 2
o Quantity and diameter of cylinders, stroke:
6 cylinders, diameter: 260 mm (10 in.)
stroke: 350 mm (14 in.)
• Propulsion:
o Type: Fixed pitch propeller
with full circle slewing Kort nozzle
and double reduction gear
o Make/Model:
Nigata Power System co. Ltd. / Z peller ZP-21
Multiple disk clutch with slip mechanism
o Propeller:
Skewed kaplan type 4-blade fixed pitch propeller
o Diameter of propeller: 2,000 mm 79 inches
o Average pitch: 1,900 mm 75 inches
• Electric Power Plant:
o Engine:
o Make/Model:
Yanmar Diesel / 4HAL2-TN1-125KVA
o Power @ 1,800 RPM 116 kw 156 hp
o Generator:
o Make/Model:
Taiyo TWY 125 kVA / 220 V / 60 Hx/4P
o Power @ 1,800 RPM 116 kw 156 hp
o Individual operation and parallel operation
• Forced Draft:
o Axial fan of engine room:
AC 220 V, 60 hz, 3.7 kW (5 hp), 4P,
with dumper Reversible ventilator
• Air Conditioning Equipment:
o Package air conditioner:
o Make/Model: Daikin / US5GETG
• Central packaged conditioning system.
o Cooling: 17,000 kcal
o Heating: 23,000 kcal - 1 pc.
• Nautical Equipment
o Satellite Compass:
SC-50 / 3-antenna type
o Autopilot:
Nigata Power System co. Ltd.
automatic steering by satellite compass
o Remote-controlled maneuvering mechanism
of main engine: Remote control in pilot house.
o First navigation radar: FURUNO FR-8122 (with ARPA)
12-inch color display (LCD), 12 kW (16 hp)
o Aerovane:Nippon Electric Instrument Inc. / D11
Analog and digital display.
o Electric window wiper:
Nippon Electric Instrument Inc. / WF2-1HK
on the front glass of pilot house (with heater)
Intermittent operation type. - 3 pcs.
o Echo sounder: (with GPS-Plotter)
FURUNO GP-3500F - 1 pc.
• Lightning Equipment:
o Projector:
High efficient, remote-controlled projector
2 kW (3 hp) - 1 pc.
on the top of pilot house
o Electric portable lamp:
110 V 0.5 kW (0.7 hp) (on the front of deck house)
110 V 0.5 kW (0.7 hp) (on the back of deck house)
o Flood light:
1 kw (1.3 hp) (on the back of mast) - 1 pc.
• Chemical Extinguisher and Sea Surface Cleaner:
o Stand-alone Engine:
Directly connected with extinguisher pump - 1 pc.
o Water Jet Cannon on the top of mast:
4,000 t/min - 1 pc.
o Fire extinguishing Stock Solution Tank:
5.40 cubic meters 7.06 cubic yards
o Equipment for spillage Oil Treatment:1 set
o Tank solution for Spillage Oil Treatment
3.35 cubic meters 4.38 cubic yards
• Electrical Appliances:
o Refrigerator-freezer:305 t (for galley) - 2 pcs.
o Laundry:Washing machine - 1 pc.
o Electric water heater:
370 t In the place of hot water supply
bathroom and galley.
o Toilet: with bidet - in one place
• Machine Tools:
o Electric Welder: 300 A - 1 set
o Double Ended Grinder:
Diameter 150 AC, 100 V - 1 pc.

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