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Handling - Lifting - Forklifts

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1714657_9648523238d7b253452232c9c2ab523d 1 Unknown  Overhead conveyor system, Freely suspended incl. 2x suspension and drive motor, length 200 meters. 1714632_61d177a06eba46e254c2d07a9089e3a1 1 Hijstraditie  Overhead crane,  0.5 tons underflow chain hoist, 380V, incl crane runway beams, span approx:. 8490 mm, about 4.5 meters.. height, length about 35 meters 1714623_6d147178cd1532ba45b76fb0e59b1a83 1 Unknown  Overhead crane, 3-ton, incl. Kito 3-ton chain hoist underflow, including 2 x 50 mtr.. Crane career and 50 meters. stream hanging rail, hangs to be about 60 m.
1714621_6321ee44d24edfcfbfb73238ab299ada 1 Demag  Overhead crane, 3.2-ton, incl. Demag underflow rope hoist, span approx .: 17 meters, including 2 x 63 mtr... Crane career and 1x 63 meters. flume tank, depends on approximately 6 m. height 1713593_0be52e0bf60b05e5e81f1db1ec381365 1 Mennens  VL102004b1, Overhead crane, Crane runway. Vv Verlinde chain hoist, type: cap .: 2000 kg, with cable duct, surge approx .: 10 m, 6x strip portion à L approx .: 9 mtr. 1712655_01f017e59c9926a8d1e3055cbbb23aeb 1 Manitou  Telescopic handler, MT1337 SL Turbo, 3700kg, Read running hours 5950u, tire size 445 / 70R24, mast length 13m, equipped with hydraulic quick change system, additional hydraulic function, incl. Pallet plate, spoon length approx 1180mm
1709617_67dc479d0f42e69d2b035f1b9182a7ad 1 MAN  Underflow chain hoist, 1000 kg, Incl. remote control, overvoltage approx .: 885 cm, plus cart. 1569745_8df1c76d3f3c68c316098ca43dfcb2df Linde  H70T, 7000 kg 1643462_9c94483ae44691014a28fad2e2d7a0e4 1     , Conveyor belt

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