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Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Seller 

What are the advantages of Premium?

  • Buyers will contact you directly, without having to pay.
  • Your products are TOP LISTED compared to NON Premium.
  • Your products appear on the Zooms.
  • Your company will also be Premium in the directory with the same advantages.

How long are my products going to be on-line?
They will be online until they are sold with a maximum of one year.

Do you provide any other services for Premium products?
Yes we can do email blasts to promote your products. These email blasts will be sent only to buyers interested in the type of products you are selling.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies with each case and a specific quotation will be made individually.

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Buyer Subscription

What is the benefit of Buyer Subscription?

More than 70% of the products listed on Wotol don't have the Premium status. In such a case you should buy a Buyer Subscription to get the sellers' contact information.

What information do I get with my Buyer Subscription?
You will get the name of the seller, his email, address, telephone, fax and sometimes his instant messengers ID.

How do I get them?
You will receive all the information by email (make sure you enter the right email address when you register). These information will also be available in your Wotol accout.

Do I have to pay a commission to Wotol?
You don't have to pay any commission to Wotol unless you require the help of Wotol in the discussion with the seller. In such a case the commission rate will be agreed between you and Wotol.

How much is the Buyer Subscription?

Chose the period of membership.

During this period you can request all the contacts you need.
24h 9 €
30 days 69 €
12 months 349 €

How can I pay?
You can pay by credit card. Payment is made through HSBC secured payment system. Once you make the payment you are on the HSBC servers. WOTOL will never have access to your credit card information. Only when the payment has been validated, you will be redirected to WOTOL.

I have a Buyer Subscription but I already know most of the contacts! What is the added value of Wotol Buyer Subscription?
Wotol will make you save time. There are hundreds of second hand machinery dealers and thousands of mills worldwide and you can't visit their websites daily. Wotol gathers all their offers on the same platform and informs you when new products are posted. In some cases an end user will post himself his machines. Then you have the direct contact with him.


Additional information

Why should I enter my email twice ?
Statistics show that more than 10% of the emails are entered inaccurately.
Therefore, we ask you to type in your email address twice to avoid mistyped errors.
Please do not use the copy/paste function.

Why I don't receive any email from WOTOL ?
Check that you have entered a correct email address. 
Be aware of your spam filter : check your junk/bulk emails.
Make sure your mail box has enough free space (especially if you request  pictures).

I responded to an ad but the product was already sold.
The advertiser has forgotten to remove the ad. Please contact the WOTOL Customer Service Team and specify the reference, date and time of the ad so that we can delete it.

Does WOTOL sell my personal information ?
No, WOTOL will never sell your information to a third party without your permission.

Why is Wotol the contact of many Premium products?
Wotol has made a special agreement with selected sellers to promote their products.
These sellers have been selected according to their reputation and reliability.
Wotol will be your contact for technical discussions and negotiation. Once the agreement is made, you will be put in contact. 

Are the other sellers reliable?
Most of them are reliable, however, Wotol can not give any comments about them.

The same offer appears several times on WOTOL. Why?
Machines owners will propose their machines to several sellers. You will choose the seller you prefer.


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