The Lonati company "Today"

The company is based on an area of 80,000 square metres of which 24,500 are occupied by buildings. It is located in the San Polo area in the Italian city of Brescia and employs 650 specialised staff.
"Annual" production

Lonati produces approximately 8000-9000 hosiery machines each year and has 50 models in production.
The world market

Lonati exports 60% of its machines to all corners of the world.
Particular attention is paid to emerging markets such as China and Turkey although, of course, the traditional outlets of North and South America, Europe and parts of Africa are not neglected.
Despite the enormous spread of its export network across 52 countries, customer service is of first order, in line with the company policy that emphasises maximum product quality and equally high quality standards in its customer relations.
Lonati is a mainstay of the Brescian economy and aims to play an increasingly important role at national, European and world levels

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