With its years of experience, companies in the covering machine sector turn to Menegatto to keep up to date with technology. The latest development from the Lombardy-based company just confirms the evidence.

Mr Carlo Menegatto set up the company bearing his name in 1985 in the heart of Brianza, just north of Milan.
He reached this point in his career after having been President of OMM in Monza from its foundation until the birth of Menegatto in Cavenago.

Carlo Menegatto, an enthusiastic mechanical engineer, in 1947 began making covering machines and spindles along with some collaborators who are still today with him. At the time, they were merely for hand-cut rubber for air chambers in tyres. As the years went by, the rubber thread was replaced with extruded latex, and later the Spandex elastane yarn was developed with an increasingly finer count. Carlo Menegatto followed all these developments along with a line of enterprising customers.
Menegatto has always dedicated himself to design and build up many various types of plants and machinery:

* Plants to produce rubber latex yams;
* Plants to produce Spandex yams - wet wayPlants to produce textile and iron ropes;
* Plants to produce complete elastic and rigid ribbons;
* Machinery to produce countinuous filament yams and staple fiber yams, in both specialties elastomeric and rigid, widely used in many various fields such as textile and ornamental and electrical applications.


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