13 Toyoda RX220SF-960 Ring spinning frames

Ref : 2017369-1
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Toyoda
Model : RX220SF-960
Short Description : Ring spinning frames
Year(s) : 1995, 1999
Quantity : 13
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (South East)

960-Spindles per machine
Stationary Cop Doffer, SCD Conveyor belt
No. of spindles per staff, 8
Spindle guage: 75mm
Bobbin length (lift) 210mm (185mm)
Spindle driving system: 4-spindle tape 11mm
Spindle speed regulating apparatus: Invertor (standard type)
Drafting system, 3-line 2-zone; double-apron draft system
Bottom Apron Tension system Short (with plating)
Weighting Arm: SKF-PK225
Cradle type: SKF-OH62
Bottom roller diamater: Front 27mm x Middle 27mm x Back 27mm
Bottom Clearer Front... without
Back.... Stationary pat type
Waste collection system: Pneuma flute type
Spindle: Tip button with aluminum sleeve (with cutter)
Spindle inser, maker SKF type HF21
Ring: Kanai SGL (white)
Lifting system: Screw shaft type positive lifting mechanism
Travelling cleaner: with
Function Panel: LCD character display

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