2 Welch Allyn Encore 204 EL

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Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Welch Allyn
Model : Encore 204 EL
Year(s) : -
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AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 08 Sep. 2020

Vital Signs Monitor
Condition: Good
Type: PreOwned

The Propaq ENCORE Patient Monitor is designed specifically for the traveling anesthesiologist, emergency room, and critical care transport. This multi-parameter monitor features ECG, SPO2, IBP, and NIBP with Printer / Recorder. The Propaq has a built-in bed rail hook and integral battery. The monitor is light weight, fast, portable and easy-to-use.

The Propaq Encore Expansion Module attaches to the monitor and houses additional capabilities. The Expansion Module can be fitted with the SpO2, CO2, and Printer options.

The Propaq Encore is intended for ECG monitoring of either a five-lead or three-lead configuration, including the Marriott configuration 1 (MCL1 requires all three electrodes). The five lead configuration can derive one of seven user-selected signals, Lead I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, or V.

The Propaq Encore noninvasive blood pressure channel (NIBP) indirectly measures arterial pressures using an inflatable cuff. If ECG is also monitored, the Propaq Encore synchronizes the NIBP measurement process to the occurrences of the R-wave, increasing accuracy in cases of extreme artifact, diminished pulses, or some dysrhythmias.

The Propaq Encore invasive pressure channel is intended for measuring arterial, venous, and intracranial pressures using invasive transducers with 5 µV/V/mmHg sensitivity. The Propaq Encore can be used with many types of transducers, including nondisposable, disposable dome, and fully disposable.

Propaq Encore monitors provide two temperature channels. When both channels are active, the difference temperature (?T) is also displayed. You can select °C or °F.

Defibrillator Synchronization Connector allows connection with a LIFEPAK 5 or LIFEPAK 6s defibrillator for synchronized cardioversion.

Battery Charging Light is a green light which turns on when a power source (ac power adapter or external dc source) is connected and the battery is charging. Although the monitor may be turned off, battery charging continues when an external power source is connected.

The Expansion Module with Printer (EMP) provides a lightweight 3-channel recorder. The Propaq Encore printer provides high-resolution, fully annotated, real-time printouts that simultaneously document up to three waveforms and numerics for all active vital signs.

Propaq Encore, Model 204-EL, Monitors Adult 3- or 5-Lead ECG, NIBP, 1 Invasive BP, Masimo Motion Tolerant SpO2, Expansion Module & Printer and 2 channels of temperature.


ECG, 3-lead or 5-lead configurations, 0.05-40/0.5-40 Hz

NIBP, with neonatal, pediatric and adult modes

Temperature, 2 channels: YSI 400 and 700 series-compatible connectors

Defibrillator Synchronization

Real-time Analog output of ECG

Battery Charging Light


One Invasive Pressure Channel

Masimo SpO2 Connector (motion tolerant)

Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)


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