Others Drill unit

Ref : 1483113-13-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Others
Model : Drill unit
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
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Last check : 23 Aug. 2019

1x, Lex, Drill unit

Slim Design
width is only 14.5 cm.
It can easily be positioned
in an area 18 cm wide and 48 cm deep

Quiet Operation
During the belt returned mechanisms drill
with drilling unit allows for the low noise operation

Easy to Clean
Waste glass pieces located in the front part of the drill unit
and is full of dust collected in the drawer can easily drain

High Quality Holes Work
Lex Drill hole Drill Unit easily the most difficult things
you can do automatically
Designed with advanced technology
Rectangular mounting holes, gemstone slots, notches
and you will receive excellent results in the countersink

Easy to Use
Lex Drill, Drill Unit is designed to work in harmony
with Lex 1,000. You made the cut with glass Lex Lex Drill
Drill Unit 1000 immediately after placing
you can perform one-touch drilling
(ICE or ICE 1000 to determine hole
positions Mini centering device is required.)

Adjustable Angle Drill
Drill Unit, automatically by drilling a 90 degree
angle to the front surface of the glass
at the point where the hole drilled
for drilling operations at different angles
you can also drill through manual
adjustment of 0-30 degrees if the user wants

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