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Waldrich Coburg

1920 – 1929
Adolf Waldrich founded the company in 1920. It was first named Globuswerke and located in Coburg`s Gerbergasse ("Tanner´s Lane").
Personnel: 20 people.
Beside the repairing of machines, the company manufactured glass and stone working machines.
In 1926 the company moved to Coburg´s Hahnweg and was renamed "Maschinenfabrik Adolf Waldrich"
Personnel: 65 people

1930 – 1939
WALDRICH COBURG developed the hydraulic drive system. The company´s product range now comprised polishing machines for sheetmetal and celluloid-cutting machines.
In1936 WALDRICH COBURG presented a metal planing machine at the Leipzig fair, their first metal cutting machine tool. Planing machines became the company´s main product.
Personnel: 240 people.

1940 – 1949
Series production of planing machines.
In 1944 the personnel increased to 400 people. For some time after the second world war the company was prohibited from manufacturing machine tools.
Personnel dropped to 50 people, but rose to 180 in 1949.

1950 – 1959
In 1950 Adolf Waldrich, the founder of the company, suddenly died, but his death did not stop the company´s resurgence which Adolf Waldrich had been so dynamically pursuing. His son Otto Waldrich and son-in-law Bernhard Kapp took over. Slotting machines and combination planing-milling-grinding machines were added to the company´s product line.
In 1955 the company began to manufacture guideway grinding machines and planomilling machines.
Personnel: 650 people

1960 – 1969
Meeting the requirements of the market, the company started to produce large-capacity planomilling machines. At the same time, the workshops were substantially extended and personnel increased to 1000 people.

1970 – 1979
The company achieved a leading position on the world`s markets, due in particular to its technological developments concerning the removal of material from very large workpieces, such as components of turbines, reactors and Diesel engines.
Bernhard Kapp left the company in 1977.
As space had become scarce again, further workshops, assembly halls and a new office building were built

1980 – 1989
In 1980 WALDRICH COBURG celebrated their 60th anniversary. Speakers at the ceremony were Dr. Anton Jaumann, Bavaria`s Minister of Economic Affairs and Transport, and Professor Dr. Harald Jürgensen of Hamburg University.

1986 WALDRICH COBURG became a member of the Ingersoll Group Maschinen- und Werkzeuge GmbH, Burbach, Germany.

1990 - 2000
WALDRICH COBURG expand their product range by vertical turning machines.
In 1998, the first MultiTec is put into operation. This new type of machine permits the complete machining of a workpiece on one single machining centre and thus represents the realization of an idea:
“Multiple Technologies”, combined onto one single machine


"ValuTec" - a new milling machine concept - becomes reality.


WALDRICH COBURG became a member of the HerkulesGroup.


WALDRICH COBURG became part of the Beijing No. 1 - Group.
Foundation of WALDRICH COBURG Elektro GmbH (WAEG).


the name stand for more than 80 years of experience and competence in machine tool building.

WALDRICH COBURG has reached a leading position among the markers of precision machining centers throughout the world.



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