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For over 70 years, WEILER has stood for top precision, quality and economy in lathe manufacturing.

More than 140,000 lathes supplied so far proves the acceptance of WEILER products among operators in the fields of production, maintenance, tool manufacturing and mould making, education and training as well as in research.

WEILER stands for excellence in quality and precision – a principle observed since the establishment of WEILER in 1938.

A masterpiece can’t be rushed – in the decades to follow, we acquired an excellent reputation as tool manufacturers, mould makers and also as trainers. Today more than 130 000 WEILER machines are in operation all over the world.

WEILER is one of the most renowned machine tool manufacturers in present-day Europe, not least of all because WEILER’s experts attach utmost importance to knowing the customer’s needs and providing good access to maintenance and service facilities. We have achieved the know-how necessary to meet customer requirements: you can see it, and feel it!

The customer comes first

Working with WEILER products, you will soon recognize and appreciate the user-friendly and ergonomic design, a standard on all our machines. In addition, we ensure maximum efficiency, production quality and safety by using up-to-date control technology and specially developed software.



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