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REF. 219908-W7
BRAND Oscartielle
Model C83F-GHEA-12
Short Description
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
LAST CHECK 03 Dec. 2010
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Oscartielle Gelato Case
Used Excellent Condition

* Used
* Excellent Condition

Model: C83F-GHEA-12
Volt: 208-230
Phase: 1
Width: 84 1/ 3"
Amps: 2.5
Depth: 45 1/4"
Refrigerant: 404A / 2 Lb.8oz
Height: 51 1/4"
Approx shipping weight: 1000Lb

The cabinet is essentially made up of four sections:
1) Glass Structure
2) Display Area
3) Frame
4) Cooling system

1) The glass structure is made up of two side panels
Of insulated tempered glass
That have conductive heated strips
To minimize condensation on the glass surface.
The front glass is enclosed in a metal frame
Which is hinged at the bottom
For ease of cleaning.
The front glass is also insulated
Includes heating strips
To minimize fog and condensation.
The top support frame

Includes the following components:

- Electronic control with temperature indicator
- Rear plastic doors and slides
- Product display light
- Service shelf

2) The display area is highly insulated
With high density polyurethane
So it has a low coefficient of conductivity.
In the display area there are the evaporators
The evaporator fans which cool and dry
The air and gently circulate it throughout the cabinet.
In the interior is placed a bar
Which supports the rows of display pans.
The pitch of the pans enhances the view
Of the display and allows
For under storage of product depending
On pan size used.

3) The frame structure is made of high quality
Durable steel.
In this structure all of the cabinets cooling
Electrical and mechanical items are located
For ease of service.

4) The cooling system is made up of:
- Condensing unit(s)
- Evaporator unit(s)

The condensing unit
Includes the compressor and the condenser.
This assembly is mounted on tracks
Rails which can be slid out
To aid in the ease of servicing.
The evaporators include the evaporator assembly
With its own fan motors
Which keep the required temperature
For the products placed in the display area
Of the cabinet.

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