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PA10 (Spartan Series) , Horizontal Band Saw Machine,

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REF. 510498-W3
BRAND Phoenix
Model PA10 (Spartan Series)
Type Horizontal Band Saw Machine
YEAR 1996
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
LAST CHECK 26 Apr. 2014
PRICE $12,500
PA10 (Spartan Series) , Horizontal Band Saw Machine,

Brand: Phoenix
Model: PA10 (Spartan Series)
Year: 1996

• With Automatic Feed

• Capacity:
rounds 10" diameter
rectangle 8" x 12"
• Maximum vise opening 12"
• Blade size 11'6" x 1" x .035"
• Blade speeds, infinitely variable 70-278 S.F.P.M.
• Feed force 0-300 Lbs.
• Overall length of automatic feed table 43"
• Maximum load capacity of feed table 5,600 Lbs.
• Number of times the shuttle feeds stock forward 0 to 9
before the saw makes a cut
• Maximum shuttle travel:
single cycle 16"

Equipped With
• Manual or automatic cycle modes of operation
• Hydraulically actuated shuttle feed with index handwheel
for setting distance shuttle will travel on each cycle.
Index length display is graduated in inches and hundredths of an inch
• Piece counter for setting number of pieces or cuts desired
• Dual stock alignment guides
• Feed table and machine vises with manual positioning
and hydraulically actuated clamping
• Hydraulically actuated head raising and lowering mechanism
• Adjustable feed force valve
• Rapid approach of cutting head assembly until
fast approach device comes into contact with the work stock
• At that point the saw frame slows to the feed rate
set for the material being cut.
• Manually operated blade tension
• Wire chip brush
• Self-contained coolant system with 1/8 H.P. pump motor
• 1 H.P. hydraulic pump motor
• 3 H.P. 3/60/230-460 volt blade drive motor and electrical controls
• Machine is wired for 460 volt operation.
• Approximate Weight: 2,750 Lbs.
• Approximate Dimensions: 75" L-R x 75" F-B x 55" High
• Condition: Good Working Order

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