1 Strong Scott

14-12 Paddle Dryer

REF. 1502516-W8
BRAND Strong Scott
Model 14-12 Paddle Dryer
YEAR Before 1980
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
LAST CHECK 24 Jun. 2016
14-12 Paddle Dryer

1x, Strong Scott, 14-12 Paddle Dryer, 1973

stainless steel shell and rotating shaft. hastelloy paddles
(some paddles were replaced with ss) steel steam jacket
manufactured by strong scott manufacturing co., minneapolis
mn 55413. maximum design jacket pressure 100 psi @ 388 degrees
f. maximum design vessel pressure 1 psi. s/n-18329, built 1973. shell 3/16"
& intake 3/16". national board number s/n-193. top inlet 6" i.d. with flange o.d
13.5", 8 bolt pattern and .5" thickness. side port 6" i.d. with flange o.d. of 11"
with 8 bolt pattern and 5/8" thickness. unit has a four belt drive sheave mounted
without motor or gear reducer. capped inlet on top end approx 4.5" i.d. with a 9" 6
bolt flange with a cover bolted on it. unit outlet is 6" i.d. and 11" o.d 8 bolt pattern
flange with 5/8" thickness. overall dimensions 14' -3"l x 5' - 9.5"w x 72"h. 3'- 3" frame
width made of 3 & 3/8" i beam with a 5.5" web. 6.5" x 3'- 6" high vent on top of discharge
end of the unit. jacketed portion of mixer is insulated along with pipes on top of unit. main
body of mixer is stainless steel with carbon steel jacket. very freely hand rotates
(unit requires motor)

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