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You can find used Shuttle embroidery machines on Wotol

The main manufacturers of Shuttle embroidery machines are Saurer, Lasser, Comerio, Laser, Metalmechanica, Wems.
The main model of Shuttle embroidery machines are MDT2 ATC, ERA II, Epoca series, Pentacut, 3040/4040 HP, L110, MDT-S.
HS Code 8447 - Knitting machines, stitch-bonding machines and machines for making gimped yarn, tulle, lace, embroidery, trimmings, braid or net and machines for tufting.

Find used Shuttle embroidery machines on Wotol

Shuttle emboirdery machines are also called shiffly embroidery machines. Shiffly emboridery is suitable for large designs and large quantiy. Machines are composed of a frame that can exceed 20 meters long and more than 165 cm high. On the lenght of the frames there are more than 1000 needles and same number of special emboirdery shuttles (metal shuttles or plastic shuttles). Each shuttle will contain a small cocoon of yarn. Latest shiffli embroidery machines machines can run at more than 700 rpm.

Main manufacturers of shiffli emboirdery machines are Saurer (Swiss) and Lasser (Swiss). On Wotol you can find older machines made by Zangs and Comerio.

These shiffly embroidery machines are used for lingerie, curtains, home furnishing for giving added value to the fabric.

FAQ corner - questions and answer from members:

I want to buy a used Lasser MDT2 tandem 20 MT. How is the tandem composed of and what is it exactly?
Tandem means 2 frames working together. Machine has two frame but just one computer. Actually one machine looks like 2 machines because they are facing each other. But there is the master frame with the computer and the servant frame which is controled by the computer of the master frame. When the machine complete production there are 2 exactly same fabric will be produced each 20 mt.

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