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1827366_51ff2b6c9509b47457815d19721125d9 Atec  Alginator, Alginator 1821335_eeae90591204c39b25f052a8e8500e21 1 Bam  IF / MVK 19011A, Interflow Biological safety workbench 1821330_1db19b9921cda07aee1f5f3e49d83e77 1 Unknown  Stainless steel double mixing plant, 2x mixing drum, volume capacity: 110, 120 litres, double-walled with Biodrive T4.5 magnetic stirrer, control box, Dibo Rotojet XC 060E high-pressure cleaning heads on spring balancer, pneumatic valves, piping system,
1821323_8a21ceed6153b63c64c5b38589ea489a 1 Newmix   RVS Pad-Drive 1000 mixing system, Stainless steel, stainless steel 1821319_70f99afce10b64ee80abfb7607b0ff0d 1 Newmix   RVS Pad-Drive 1000 mixing system, incl. single water Heater unit, model: STL-1-9 B5/10-TK6, power: 10.1 KVA, 400 volts. With 2 ATMI movable double-walled containers, model: DJ200L, volume capacity: 200 litres, Temp: min 0 / max 90 degrees 1821304_49c2006efba5273df92cab37c18ceb63 1 Unknown  Stainless steel Cleanroom decontamination disinfection sluice, internal dimensions: w1540 x l2500 x h2200mm, external dimensions approx: w183 x d2800 x h304 mm, with Bioquell disinfection generator, model: IG-1, DOM: 2012 and Siemens Simatic touch panels
1820774_880d360e7679b22068e7bf67747f96cb 1 BIOHAZARD   DLF BSS4, biological safety workbench 1820767_7f33575a857b92c642f7987b7ac9466c 1 BIOHAZARD  BS5726, biological safety workbench 1820744_031e0c42e396831471425c90fd55c5da 1 Interflow  Biological safety workbench, size: b162x d77 / 80 / cm xh 170cm, 220 volts. on height-adjustable legs

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