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Complete finishing line

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958337_9c934b5d2629b368fa5fd39bd5522981 Wood finishing line 1 - Sanding machine, DMC TOPSAND 135; 1 - Cleaning / ...
16 Apr. 2014

EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1840248_74c5a35f4e46f4ffc9e5b1d4ba43cf81 Paint finishing line, paint roller machine with UV dryer SUPERFICI ELMA...
08 Mar. 2018

EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1695917_d5a601755235d7677b8a95979d12dfd5 1x CEFLA, Panel Finishing Line, 2008 Specification: Coposed by :...
10 May. 2017

2008 EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1666062_fe7a91000874783ed44104e55e803287 1x Sorbini, VS/34-ACT, Finishing Equipment, 1999 Features: Electr...
06 Mar. 2017

1999 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
No_picture_85_85 1x Latex, Stain/Paint Line 25’ X 16” wide Infeed Rollcase to S...
13 Jan. 2017

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1637479_748f683b3424c3d65928f9dee0cd7037 1x Cefla, Diverse, Painting line TECHNICAL DATA: Painting line +...
05 Jan. 2017

EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1533635_3d543f6ccdc578e140561c142126c5b5 1x, Cefla TCF 404 Finishing Line, 2006 was used primarily as a top...
31 May. 2016

2006 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1473236_7dfc19a8b2c9035a914e61aa3d84c439 Model: Hp 10 Double brushing ”Used"
29 Mar. 2016

EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1445677_e12af8e98a738b7113699fb47be60b63 Brand: corali this is automatic wooden boxes complete line of famous company...
29 Nov. 2015

1985 ASIA Indian Sub Continent See details
1411044_fd1b8e6bc7aadca8a2a6b0a6475ea77d Brand: ITALMECCANICA For sale used woodworking equipment for window product...
18 Apr. 2016

1996 EUROPE Central and Eastern See details
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1319611_fc1518d14b7ac2b90efeda33f4452d56 Brand: Primultini We are offering the equipment from existing Sawmill plant ...
12 Mar. 2015

2007 EUROPE Central and Eastern See details
1262883_0eb84545464005d6ef07c76bfe0c7aff Brand: ZG Wood autoclave is a kind of key equipment, which is used for wood ...
18 Nov. 2014

Before 1980 ASIA CHINA - Taiwan - HKG See details
1224962_8d6e122c3a6d001d6155072de30f1d1b Edge Banders Description: used Complete units for E...
29 Mar. 2016

EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1170568_55253704c9a3727eea7cfe1eeafc024e Brand: Gabbiani WOOD AND WINDOW FRAMES FLEXIBLE PROCESSING LINE Planing m...
03 Mar. 2016

1998 EUROPE Central and Eastern See details
1142610_47d75da741fec2f206ad6c41a1620d28 Brand: Hymmen Model: 50" Year: 1994 Finishing S...
05 Jul. 2016

1994 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1142607_c90a8a563a8bed7d345b64eb62dd4acc Brand: Dubois Model: RCDHH Year: 2002 Finishing...
05 Jul. 2016

2002 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1030267_22c09faf0043bdf16f7762cb92af977d Brand: dy High quality industrial vibrating screen classifier ♦Compa...
04 May. 2018

2013 ASIA South East See details
17 items found. Results 1 to 17

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