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Garment Dryer

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1955043_f046cad7bec4ca6f83bcf6b9f063229d Brand: Alve ALVE Tumbler Dryer type TDR 0290 – TYPE 25 for pigments trea...
05 Oct. 2018

2012 EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1955039_77a7cac990cbcba7ab301e6b4d5ed2b3 ESTAR Tumbler Dryers yoc 1980 about, updated 2006 capacity 30/40 kgs stea...
05 Oct. 2018

1980 EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1953470_551a64545ea11e3b18abc4dcb84016f9 1 x Rotative Tumbler TRIVENETA load capacity kg 80 steam heat 1 x Rota...
03 Oct. 2018

EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1949800_6e3e7412a9bcb2ac3f0a7ad86bbf4ac3 Brand: Lafer used for drier to provide pile smoothness of knitting velvet fa...
27 Sep. 2018

2002 MIDDLE EAST See details
1939730_53fe81a616e9d5d6ab125e1814802a67 TUMBLER MAINO MODEL ESSICCAT010 ME/135 FR YEAR 2006
10 Sep. 2018

2006 EUROPE Central and Eastern See details
1937665_7555f7c39a87a0293baae2c430022d45 220lb Milnor Gas Tunnel Dryer Model: 58058TG2 Electrical: 600/3/60 Year:...
05 Sep. 2018

1999 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1937581_fd4d736df15f28f6f11b787e46bbbf7c 96lb Milnor Gas Dryer Model: MLG-96 Electrical: 480V Year: 2012
05 Sep. 2018

2012 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1937577_e4b309a1284f15a8d6f230ae5151d3e6 75lb Unimac Gas Dryer Model: UT075ERQJ8G2W02 Electrical: 240V Manufactur...
05 Sep. 2018

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1937575_2a7af79bdc5d019def014acbc15eeb0d 450lb Lavatec Gas Dryer and Control Box Model: TT-756GU Electrical: 460/3...
05 Sep. 2018

1995 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1937573_61d10d7df06c46dd187c5a3a684da1e0 400lb Challenge Gas Pass Thru Dryer Model: CPG4-2X1 Electrical: 480/3/60 ...
05 Sep. 2018

1998 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
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1937569_65a679eeb9f76c215b761fc817ef9e11 190lb Milnor Gas Dryer Model: MLG190 Electrical: 208/3/60 Year: 2001 Manu...
05 Sep. 2018

2001 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1937478_1056df98c3ca79c2cc2b06998b387c72 UniMac 55 LB Gas Dryer (2016) Model Number: UT055NEO Electrical: 120V/60/1PH
05 Sep. 2018

2016 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1937476_16ed550496fed469b5e47a544fe92df6 Speed Queen Stack Coin Gas Dryer (Qty 5) Model Number: SSGT09WF Electrica...
05 Sep. 2018

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1937469_c104dbf60af2962dc63ff4e3469b1f72 Milnor 75 LB Gas Dryer (2007) Model Number: MLG758V Electrical: 120v/60/1PH
05 Sep. 2018

2007 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1937467_2206d37209913d44b7f8c61d6a75a322 Huebsch Vended Stack Washer/Electric Dryer (2017) Model Number: HTEBCASP17...
05 Sep. 2018

2017 AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1936235_05efdebabad6093ef3aa18b864caa64f Brand: Andromede ROTARY DRYER - Year: 2006 - Capacity 13kg - Steam hea...
03 Sep. 2018

2006 EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1936227_50f3fb458ae6a94df6547431a293ed12 DRYER C15 DUBIX - Year 1991 - Capacity 15kg - Steam heating
03 Sep. 2018

1991 EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1935527_993fc2a4f3e06d10a3a17cf6a2203569 + Skinplate steel-coated steel construction (corrosion resistant, easy cleani...
31 Aug. 2018

EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1935389_f0ccb662f2f4208ba2cf81ac203401ba Electrolux T31200 dryer High productivity - 2 full loads per hour Selectin...
06 Sep. 2018

EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1935362_4b470609266fcdd1bd9ecc978fc663a9 Lavatec FL623D Freestanding Dryer Year 1992 Heating: Steam
06 Sep. 2018

1992 EUROPE Western and Northern See details
391 items found. Results 1 to 20

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