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1513250_1facf1bfffd8053775a530e31af8cc26 Brand: Piispa Oy Scales function bagging machine. Manufacturer: Insinoori...
15 Dec. 2016

2007 EUROPE Western and Northern See details
1734636_ba3aa1a9f2b7ef50a4a68d2f2c97d817 Brand: ABL Technologies Ltd Pouch Filling & Sealing Machine Model: PMA-20 ...
14 Aug. 2017

2013 MIDDLE EAST See details
No_picture_85_85 Doy Pouch Sealing Machine Capacity: 10 - 40 bags/min * Product and Pouch Dep...
09 Nov. 2015

2001 OCEANIA See details
1277664_6b42a9a53d07397f65ec895642978f43 Brand: Collimatic Filling and sealing machine for heat-sealed plastic bags, ...
30 Sep. 2015

EUROPE Western and Northern See details
956708_c04339e75ae2792a32318ae659f33fde Brand: MESPACK Used Mespack Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine Model H-22...
21 Feb. 2014

2010 ASIA Indian Sub Continent See details
1897826_061cfea310291a17b1493c14565be668 Brand: AXIS Two Separately Sections. Suitable for all kind of Steri...
21 Jun. 2018

2018 EUROPE Central and Eastern See details
1832579_e4ba94023951ada46b5f758ac7c29f3f Reconditioned IM9 Bartelt Poucher. Set for Zipper and Gusset. With PLC con...
22 Feb. 2018

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1832572_37fe5afac799eb36203b41593fffaef8 Brand: Barel Bartelt IM6 reconditioned – to be set to size with appropriat...
22 Feb. 2018

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1831765_871cf335a73cc5242852fd1a6a653359 HMC IM-10-10 Poucher Servo. Model IM-10-10 Servo. Horizontal poucher with...
21 Feb. 2018

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1766243_88808acd25043ca9918672d70e14ff53 Brand: Shenzhen - 1-Used Shenzhen Ourpack Systems Equipment Company - Mod...
19 Oct. 2017

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
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1748228_76d65d7cbc976867962abb973025733d 1x Ropak, Poucher Description - Ropak high speed poucher set for...
13 Sep. 2017

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1747605_e175048158fe5cb5b4f97f67ab0ac3ce 1x HMC/Bartelt, IM10-10, Poucher Description • Bartelt horizon...
12 Sep. 2017

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1747602_461781bd686c420474da1fe211fb29d5 1x HMC, Poucher Description • HMC Bartelt style Poucher set fo...
12 Sep. 2017

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1747568_39fe36249ae352cb70dc26ad402a4eef 1x Cloud, 24 Head Poucher Description • Used Cloud automatic P...
12 Sep. 2017

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1356325_3079f418c0ecc3bc30569624d005dc49 Brand: Bartelt Model IMR 9-10 Horizontal Automatic Flexible Pouch Package...
21 May. 2015

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1329586_a5f4782d264242f39205929c093616b5 Brand: Mitsuhashi Model: CS-150W Pouch Counting and Patterned Stack Machine...
30 Mar. 2015

OCEANIA See details
1230942_802733dc6727498ee0e2f37475c476d9 Brand: MITSUHASHI CORP Model : CS-150W Pouch Sorting/Stocking Machine > ...
24 Sep. 2014

OCEANIA See details
1161065_5be94f66d2cadf58eae5e5a045f768ef Brand: SHENZHEN OURPACK SYSTEMS MODEL : DXD-150 FIVE LANE VERTICAL POUCHING...
04 Jun. 2014

AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico) See details
1160068_53878d332687c88bd97c324b21dfa6e7 Brand: FS Maximum production speed: 200 pouches/min Suitable materials size...
28 Mar. 2015

2014 ASIA CHINA - Taiwan - HKG See details
916972_98132e590ad28787b3bd09aa0e6d80d4 • Manufacturer:GENERAL PACKER CO. • Model:GP-700Z - Doy Pouch Machine [...
12 Jul. 2013

OCEANIA See details
27 items found. Results 1 to 20

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