100 Others WMV680F

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Condition : New
Manufacturer : Others
Model : WMV680F
Year(s) : 2014
Quantity : 100
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 08 Aug. 2016
Price : 1500-2000

Brand: Wondcon

Name Small Animal Portable anesthesia machine WMV680F
Application Small animal,for example dog,cat etc.Animal Weight 0.5-100KG
Respiration mode Manual,open,closed,semi-open and semi-closed mode
Gas source O2,0.3--0.4Mpa
O2 Flush 25L/min- -75L/min
Flow meter high precision O2 flow meter, 0--1L/min--10L/min, O2&N2O or O2&N2O two tubes flow meter is option.
CO2 circle absorber
with 1.8L soda lime chamber, APL valve, airway pressure gauge, inspiration valve and
expiration valve, the inspiration and expiration valve is demo-type and visible.Soda lime chamber:
high quality poly carbonate material, which is very strong and not broken
Airway pressure gauge -20cmH2O--100cmH2O &-2Kpa--10Kpa
APL valve adjustable easily, range:0-60cmH20
Soda lime chamber 1.8Liter or 0.8L, it is easy to change soda lime and used for 0.5-100KG animal
Three methods table top and trolley and wall mounting arm, trolley is optional and wall mounting arm is optional
Bains connector it is used for open breath circuit, connect with Jackson breath circuit or bains breath circuit.
Back bar Supply selectatec compatiable mounting bar,ISO 23mm is compatiable
Anesthesia vaporizer
TEC3 vaporizer. Enflurane, Isoflurane,Halothane,Sevoflurane, one vaporizer with
selectatec compatiable mounting bar,
Cage mounting vaporizer is compatiable.
Trolley there is a trolley to support and veterinary anesthesia machine. The trolley,animal mask is Optional