2170 mm start/stop rewinder with log saw & fragrance unit of 2005, small price

Ref : 2112820-2-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : -
Type : 2170 mm start/stop rewinder with log saw & fragrance unit of 2005, small price
Year(s) : 2005
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 01 Jun. 2021

2170 mm start/stop rewinder with log saw & fragrance unit
Producer : KRYSTIAN engineering Poland make
Year of construction : 2005
Working type : automatic , start/stop
Max. width of mother reel raw material : 2170 mm
Mother reel max. diameter : 1000 mm
Pneumatic mother reels loading system
Working speed : floating 0~350 m/min
Smooth machine speed control
Perforation adjusting : 96 – 145 mm
PLC touch controller with error view
PLC controller with HMI panel, erorr record
Driving system : inverter
Diameter of finished products : 80-120 mm
Kind of embossing – steel to rubber
Embosser rollers – engraving, pneumatic roller pressure system, regulating the fluffiness of the finished product
Paper substance : from 15 up to 60 gsm
Products core diameter : 30 up to 45 mm
Kind of using paper : recycled, cellulose, mix 1 and 2 ply
Core feeding system – automatic
Trimming and gluing end leaf system - automatic
Winding system : automatic length and log diameter control – auto stop
Paper log winding density adjusting
Installed automatic unit for processing logs with the fragrance sequence
Jog working system
CE certification, full documentation, user manual
Machine dimension:L4650mm*W4400mm*H2250mm
Power consumption : 13,43 kW
Used machine , still in running
Power : 380 V , 50 Hz
Variable frequency drive
Vacuum pump, motor 17 kW
Maine motor : 5 kW
Machine in running condition.

The machine is intended for the toilet paper, paper towels and industrial wipes production from mother reels. Has a wide range of use various raw materials for production. From 1-layer waste paper to 2-layer cellulose.
The work of the machine consists in a fully automatic, maintenance-free cycle of work in the START - STOP sequence without operator intervention. All operations from loading, tightening , paper feeding to rewinding and cutting into the rolls takes place in an automatic cycle. All parameter settings of the finished product are made using the control panel (the option allows you to keep a constant diameter of the wound log despite the variable paper weight).
The machine is certified, made on the accuracy scale (vibration) of the 2nd class, i.e. its vibrations do not exceed 4 mm / s2. This allows safe operation at a linear speed up to 550 m / min. The first resonant linear speed is approx. 1200 m / min. Each machine offered to Krystian customers has in the set of documents protocols of vibration testing of rotating elements. The computer archive of the Krystian company has all the data about the machine, its construction process - which helps us in servicing and providing technical support to our clients (on request Krystian provides monitoring of the machine's operation).
Machine included automatic processing made logs with the fragrance sequence.
Log saw with variable tooth pitch (every 1 mm) with the possibility cut off the first section trim at least 2.5 mm.
The machine allows scrolling logs with a diameter of 80 mm to 120 mm, it has the ability to adjust the length of the sheet in the kinematic arrangement of the sheet from 96 mm up to 145 mm - using a set of gears (96; 105; 110; 120; 140 mm).
Mounting the logical sum of the pneumatic pressure system allows winding a diameter of 105mm with 150 blades.
Innovations - the device uses constructional and technological solutions submitted to the Patent Office:
- P 307960 "Paper embossing method"
- P 368793 "Method and device for sealing end paper leaf"
The machine has a tight dust-proof housing (ensuring maximum operational safety), under which a numerically controlled unwinder is placed.
The offered machine is intended for continuous, three-shift operation and does not require any repairs except for normal maintenance and operation.
The machine has all safety and health protection, meets the requirements of CE conformity directives
The machine carries out all activities unattended, it does not require operator intervention. Log transport inside the machine as well as cut rolls outside is mechanical.

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