999 Jinxin COMETCH NF53 4/66 Muller type webbing machine 66

Ref : 2495548-1-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Jinxin
Model : COMETCH NF53 4/66 Muller type webbing machine
Width : 66
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 999
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)

series adopt most widely used patented type
of narrow fabric weaving machine model in the
world, covering the production of all weaving tapes. It is
the best fit for the optimum processing of warp and weft
yarns in a wide range of textile materials.Particularly well
suited to producing light and medium weight elastic and
non-elastic tapes. High performance, efficiency, and
operating safety are the hallmarks of the NF series.
Produce all kinds of elastic and non-elastic narrow
fabrics, including Mattress belt, chest straps, seat belts, ribbons, zipper belts etc..
Special design features
Pin-type pattern chain design, precise and firm,easy to
- Variable tape number and tape width by easily
exchanging the weaving heads
- Open harness frames for unhindered access
- Special stretching rubber to lower the load-bearing
force, reduce the force between harness frame and
shedding lever for absolutely free movement - Independent weft and latch needle drives for easy
adjustment - Standard configured binder thread transport with
needle support for overlock
- Automatic circulation oil supply device for detection of
oil circuit and barriers, strengthens the lubrication
between the shedding lever and pattern chain for
extending service life
- Two-speed motor with frequency converter for infinitely
selectable machine speed and convenient machine
adjustment - PC control design for control of the circuit, motor, warp
or weft breakage display, output calculation, automatic
return to origin after shutdown, etc.

Fully proven base model for a wide range of
variants in terms of number of weaving
heads, tape width, shedding motion, etc. - Flexible use of various raw materials and
fast product setting
- Ready for conversion and expansion at
any time
- Made of high quality materials and
state-of-the-art production design
- Easy operation, adjustment and
- Durable components and stable
- Large and mature supply of spare parts, easy to replace and load
- Design and workmanship in accordance
with CE standards
- Minimum maintenance costs with long
service life
- Competitive price to optimize the capital
input / performance output ratio

Special devices *
- N: normal device; DR: double rubber roller;
DH: double hook single needle;
DW: double hook double needle
- Maximum 20 harness frames with pattern chains
- Weaving systems with binder threads or catch
- Precise gear device for weft destiny regulation
- Special weft feeding device
- Creep speed gearbox
- Picot and warp bow device
- Automatic shutdown protector, weft retaining hooks

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