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AB Sciex API 4000 QTRAP System with Turbo V Source and NanoSpray Source

The API 4000 QTRAP LC/MS/MS System is premier hybrid triple quadrupole/linear ion trap mass spectrometer. Ideal for drug discovery and development, metabolite identification, contaminant testing, and proteomic applications including post-translationally modified protein discovery, protein identification, and biomarker validation.

Turbo V Source and NanoSpray Source are both available options.
• Enable high-sensitivity, full-scan MS, MS/MS, and MS3 spectra with high selectivity from true triple quadrupole precursor ion (PI) and neutral loss (NL) scans.
• Perform multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) scans for quantitation using high-sensitivity triple quadrupole instrumentation.
• Identify, characterize, and quantitate metabolites more quickly and easily.
• Identify and sequence post-translationally modified (PTM) peptides automatically in a single LC/MS/MS run.
• Facilitate hypothesis-driven biomarker discovery and validation.
• This refurbished API 4000 QTRAP LC/MS/MS System is in a great shape. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.
A 90 day warranty is included.

Standard Metric
Year 2006
CE Marked YES
Model API 4000
Voltage 208 VOLTS 208 VOLTS
Frequency 50/60 HERTZ 50/60 HERTZ
Phase 1
Current 15 AMPS 15 AMPS
Recommended Packaging Form CUSTOM PALLET
Estimated Shipping Weight 500 LBS 226.80 kg
Estimated Shipping Length 60 IN 152.40 cm
Estimated Shipping Width 60 IN 152.40 cm
Estimated Shipping Height 60 IN 152.40 cm