Adast Dominant 847 LZ 520 x 740mm

Ref : 2091169-4-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Adast
Model : Dominant 847 LZ
Size : 520 x 740mm
Year(s) : 2007
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 23 Dec. 2019

Impress count: 40 mio
Machine type: 4 colors
Condition: perfect
4 colore + lacquer section;
Machine without perfection;
Max print format: 508 x 735 mm;
Min. paper size: 280 x 330 mm
Max thickness of paper: 0,50 mm;
Thickness of paper: 30-380gr/m2;
Maximum print speed: 12.000 sh/h;
Minimum print speed: 3.000 sh/h;
The limit of the clamp grip: 12 mm;
Offset plate format: 575*740*0,3 mm;
Offset rubber format: 635*752*1,9 mm;
Stack height on overlay: 960 mm;
Stack height on overlay: 820 mm;
Weight of lacquer circulation: 80 kg;
Dryer weight INKDRY: 100 kg;
Central control system OMRON;
Control of the machine from the touch-colored 15″ panel TOUCH-SCREEN on overlay;
Electronic control – precise height adjustment of the stack relative on the overlаp head;
Double sheets control;
Alcohol dampening ADAMATIC with no load moisturizing rollers Bottcher;
Сooling and circulation of the dampening solution MGE with automatic dosage of alcohol;
Inkwells with a sectoral knife and removable beads for easy cleaning;
Matrix cylinder with quick fastening plate and split plate;
Matrix cylinder with quick system of fit BACGER;
High delivery with inclined control panels;
High-pressure сompressor KEISER;
Low pressure compressor BECKER T 3.80;
Blower on feeder and delivery;
Control of humidification, dehumidification registers, fans of the lining of the touch panel;
Programming counter;
Delivery with pneumatic sheet alignment system and straightening strip;
Automatic central lubrication;
Platforms on both sides of the machine along with containers for tools;
DOSER MIX2 – automatic water dispensing and stabilization;
Remote control panel ADACONTROL III (Software CIP 3 PPF format);
SUPER BLUE on all cylinders rotating;
Electronic – acoustic control of the side brand.
Cylinders are free of damages.

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