Air Shields C-450QT Infant Incubator

Ref : 1875427-14-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Air Shields
Model : C-450QT Infant Incubator
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AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 27 Jul. 2022


The C-450QT Infant Incubators provide thermally controlled environments required for any neonate.

Microprocessor-Based Controller – This controller features large, bright easy-to-see displays. A keypad lock helps prevent inadvertent changes to settings. All control buttons provide tactile feedback with visual conformation of changes. The smooth front panel design is easy to clean.
Double Wall Hood – Radiant heat transfer between the baby and the incubator walls is decreased through this design. The inner wall can be removed for cleaning without the use of tools.
Air Curtain – A patented air curtain creates a barrier of warm air when the access panel is open. This feature allows total access to the infant while helping to minimize air temperature drop within the incubator hood.
Quiet Touch QT™ Port Door – Reduces unnecessary noise during door latch usage.
Variable Mattress Tilts – Smooth functioning, adjustable mattress tilts variably ± 9 degrees, ± 1 degree.
Iris Ports – Iris ports provide for ventilation tubing support.
Auxiliary Air Probe – Allows for accurate air temperature measurement directly above the baby.


Quiet Touch QT™ port door latches reduce unnecessary noise
Patented Air Curtain to reduce temperature fluctuations during access
Smooth functioning, continuously variable mattress tilts
Large hood for improved access

Removable microprocessor controller with keypad lock
Iris ports for ventilation tubing support
Auxiliary air probe for accurate air temperature measurement directly above the baby

Physical Characteristics

Height: 55" (140cm)
Width: 38" (97cm) (Wheels can add 3 each (6 ma) to width or depth. Unit detaches from stand.)
Depth: 20" (51 cm)

Weight: 168 lbs (76 kg)
Adjustable mattress tilts: ±9°±1°
Wheels: 5" diameter, Antistatic type


Width: 25" (63 cm)

Depth: 13.75" (35 cm)

Physical Characteristics with Guard Rail Option

Width: 45.25" (115 cm)
Depth: 22" (56 cm)

Weight of Guard Rail: 13.5 lbs (6 kg)

Temperature Sensor

Standard air mode: Fixed air temperature probe thermistor, and auxiliary air probe

Baby (skin) mode control: Via reusable or disposable skin probes

Power Requirements

Voltage Range: 100-240 VAC ± 10%
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 500 W max

Displays & Controls

Auto key lock
Air mode default
Baby mode default retains last setting override

Alarm silence: 15 min
Power fail silence: 2 min
Heater power indicator: 0% to 100% in 20% increments by amber LED bar indicator


Remote alarms optional
Baby set temp
High air set temperature
Low air set temperature

High air temperature
Set temperature
Set temperature > 37°C

Probe Alarms Activated By

Baby (skin) probe failure
Air thermistor probe failure

Auxiliary air probe failure

System Alarms

Air flow fail
Power failure

System failure

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