AirClean Systems AC1000 Fume Exhaust, Ductless PCR Workstation

Ref : 1966407-18-W
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : AirClean Systems
Model : AC1000 Fume Exhaust, Ductless PCR Workstation
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

Dimensions (approx.):
31"W x 25"D x 20"H (inside)
32"W x 27"D x 30"H (outside)
110 Volts, 150W
Product Description provide excellent containment of toxic fumes and vapors associated with high level disinfectants such as glutaraldehyde and OPA, used for endoscope cleaning. Thermally-fused polypropylene construction and AirZone baffling for containment make the AC1000 the ideal endoscope washer for use with OPA, Glutaraldehyde and other high level disinfectants.
The AC1000 workstation is ideal for endoscope reprocessing of colonoscopes, sigmoidoscopes, upper and lower GI scopes. Soak pans and trays are easily placed inside the workstation to allow for endoscope cleaning and reprocessing.
- AirSafe Automatic Safety Controller maintains constant airflow while monitoring filter conditions.
- Bonded chemisorptive carbon filter to neutralize high-level disinfectant (not guaranteed, as this is a consumable)
- Benchtop or portable units for soaking large or small flexible scopes, rigid scopes, or surgical instruments.
- Glutaway waste pump prevents operator exposure during disinfectant disposal.
- All structural polypropylene construction -"no more rust"- eliminates corrosion and potential difficult to clean spots.
- Seamless construction leaves no cracks or crevices for bacterial growth. Suitable for use in operating room since unit can be easily cleaned with a variety of chemicals.
- Integral baffling for precise airflow control.
- Preset disinfectant timer - 7,14, and 28-day

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