Aquaflex DBX 1007 6 10”-254mm

Ref : Aquaflex DBX10"
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Aquaflex
Model : DBX 1007
Number Of Colors : 6
Size : 10”-254mm
Year(s) : 1996
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 05 Oct. 2015
Price : 22.000

This equipment can be used for labels production, boxes (medical industry), and commercial print and special labels. It is possible to put on the machine several special devices for numbering, folio, laminating, etc.

General technical data:
-Maximum width for printing 10”-254mm

-Length for printing from 6”to 22”(152mm-558mm)
-6 flexoprinting groups
-Electronic web tension model DIGITRAC
-Mechanical web tension

-6 IR dryer
-1 UV dryer model GEW, with two lamps
-Cutting and perforating transversal unit
-Cutting and perforating longitudinal unit

-Special punching carol model Schober new generation
-special die cutting unit
- die cutting unit, several magnetic cylinder different size
-Unwinding unit max roll diameter 42”-1067mm

-Rewinding unit max roll diameter 30”-762mm
-Roll feeding unit
-Electronic count
-2 BST units

-Feeding only for roll
-Delivery for roll;sheets;fold.
-Video inspection system model ELSCAN with double camera
- 380V power from 62 KVA (depends how many IR or UV dryer are in function when machine print)

-Air press 100PSI-7Bar
-Speed 120m/min
-automatic lubrication
-technical documentation

-cylinders anilox 8 pieces
-600 2.8

-600 4.5
-600 4
-600 3.5
-360 3.9
-225 5.4
-120 4
-80 6

This value can be found in technical books and it is very usefully when you choose to print.
-print cylinder different sizes
- 21 pieces
-14" x 2pieces
-12"x 6 pieces
-11"x 4 pieces
-10"x 5 pieces
- 9"x4 pieces
-magnetic cylinder different sizes
- 8 pieces
- 11"x2pieces
-10" x 1pieces
- 9" x1pieces
-cutting and perforating cylinders
- 8 pieces
-11"4/6 pieces
-lake cylinder 1buc
Auxiliary equipment:
-unit for sheets delivery mode Aquaflex 1 pieces