Aquaflex LXXM1650

Ref : 2348114-4-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Aquaflex
Model : LXXM1650
Year(s) : 2001
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
Last check : 02 Jun. 2022

Has good specifications with lots of tooling.
8 COLOUR including lamination station- middle air nip roll station used for lamination and reverse angle doctor blade
(The 8th station can be used for lamination(wet lamination), coating or printing.
Simply need to change the anilox roller and web path from the second lamination film.
UNWIND 42" including 3" core chuck
Can handle BOPP FILM/PRESSURE SENSITIVE LABEL,BST web guide,splicing table,hydraulic roll lift
6x IR lamps(not used by current owner- fans and blowers to be sent with the machine)
1 x diecut station, sheeting &cross perforating station for top cut only
3 doctor blade assemblies,closed loop tension control on variable infeed.
Can slit, sheet or die-cut at the last die unit and bundle with a conveyor added
Thickness range 0.001" to 0.008" (25.4 to 250 microns.
Interdeck VTI UV UNITS.
Mechanical and electrical integration for SOA corona treater.
38,000 HOURS.
Has 7 chill rollers( one on each print unit),plus chiller unit BST power scope camera 4000
Can do cold foil but current user used a plate and foil adhesive.
Can handle BOPP Un supported Film/paper/pressure sensitive label/tag.
A roll of foil on the top unwind and make an impression with the plate on the foil (cold foil)
and the adhesive makes it transfer to the material.It can also do waterbased inks.
This water based facility will need to be recommissioned by an electrician.
NO turn bar.
No delam/relam.
Turn bar 370mm can be provided for an additional cost,(will need to be installed with some modification to the press on reinstallation).
Tooling - 20 ANILOX Rollers & 9 Magnetic Cylinders - 90,96,98,108,110,118,124,128,140,176 plus a large number of print cylinders and gears .
Electronic drive not servo driven

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