Arrow 42" Duple Slitter

Ref : 2488819-2-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Arrow
Width : 42"
Type : Duple Slitter
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 12 Apr. 2023

Model 325 Slitter Rewinder
Cleaned, tested & painted
Minimum gap rewind, center rewind, cantilevered rewind shafts, duplex slitter rewinder.
Designed for narrow width slitting. Minimum gap center rewind.
Moveable rewind shafts which allow for adjustable minimum gap rewinding capability for narrow slits.
Minimum gap rewinding allows for short distance from idler roll to the rewinding roll.
Short distance from slitting section to the rewinding roll.
Cantilevered rewind shafts. Easy unloading of rewound rolls.
Each rewind station is driven through a sensitive slip clutch.
Cantilevered rewind shaft mounted on a pivoted bracket to permit location
of the rewind in order to minimize the draw distance between rewinding roll
and idler roll. This allows narrow slits to be made.
Attached unwind, 40” diameter roll. One 4” air unwind shaft.
6” diameter air brake.
Fife automatic edge guiding system to move unwinding roll left & right +/- 4”.
Pneumatic sensor. Score cut slitting. (8) air-loaded score cut knife holders,
(7) knives. Razor slitting in a comb system. .05” grooves. One grooved roll,
set up for .035” spacing. Grooved roll is driven. 3” differential rewind shafts.
Air-loaded single zone differential rewinding. Can also do locked core rewinding.
Each rewind position has its own air clutch. 24” diameter rewind.
7.5 HP Reliance DC drive motor. Reliance variable speed DC drive, Model Max Pak.
208 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. 42” wide rolls. When using razor slitting,
25” minimum slit width. When using score cut slitting, .5” minimum slit width.
Manually control minimum gap. Rewind arms / shafts move out as the diameter
of the rewinding roll increases. Distance from the idler roll to the rewinding rolls kept
to a minimum. Mechanical counter.
Machine is capable of slitting & rewinding pressure-sensitive tapes, label stock,
laminations, paper, textile products, nonwovens, films, foils, light & heavy-gauge films.
Cantilevered rewind shafts assist with quick loading & unloading of rolls. 500 feet per minute web speed. Timing belts used.

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