Automated pizza line

Ref : 2495085-7-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : -
Model : Automated pizza line
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

1x Rondosmartline including Smartfeeder, built in 2007
1x tipper for boilers/Euroboxes including
belt lifting unit and funnel with integrated
divider -1x Rondo Polyline including matrices (various sizes)
1x conveyor belt 4m
1x conveyor belt 1.5m
(metal, with knife edge for Conveying into the continuous oven)
1x continuous oven Rinaldi SuperforniSupertunnel
type STN 62/1200 N year of
construction 2019
electrical heating (282 KW)
1x metal belt (Kortlever) for product removal after
the oven (exclusive control)
2x document and conveyor belt (Kortlever) á 3m
(exclusive control)
1x cover and conveyor belt (Kortlever) 3.5m
(exclusive control)
1x cover and conveyor belt (BAT for Kortlever)
4.8 m (exclusive control)
1x 180° curve belt (Kortlever)
(exclusive control)
1x conveyor belt with integrated
water sprinkler (Kortlever) 1.5 m
(exclusive control)
1x 90° curved belt (exclusive control)
1x feed belt Kortlever in the freezer
(exclusive control)
1x Weyrauch spiral continuous shock
Machine type: Spiral shock
freezer Model designation: WFS8001X-HD Year of
construction 2019
Input below, output above
Refrigerant: CO²
1x 90° Kortlever conveyor belt / on 2.80 m height
for removal from the freezer (excluding control)
1x ascending conveyor belt for transport at working height
(exclusive control)
1x Kortlever cheese shaker with control
1x Kallfass packaging machine with infeed belt
and flat
film folding -1x Kallfass shrink tunnel

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