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MJ Research / Bio-Rad RAD-0200 Alpha Dock

The Remote Alpha Dock system is designed to add flexibility to the installation and operation of the MJ Research DNA Engine line of thermal cyclers, which includes the PTC-200 DNA Engine, the PTC-225 DNA Engine Tetrad, the PTC-240 Tetrad™ 2, the PTC-220 DNA Engine Dyad and the PTC-221 Dyad Disciple™ thermal cyclers. The system allows Alpha units to be placed at a distance from the cycler base, enabling more efficient use of space and facilitating robotic operation. The RAD-0200’s main components are a Dock Connector, which mounts in the base; and a Remote Alpha Dock, into which the Alpha units are mounted. The RAD-0201 contains, in addition, a fan power supply, three “daisy chain” (series) cables,
allowing the cooling fans for up to four Remote Docks to run off a single AC outlet.


The Remote Alpha Dock system allows for custom installations. The following placement configurations are recommended by MJ Research.
Remote Docks with mounted Alpha units may be configured in any horizontal orientation or array as long as a minimum side clearance of 10cm is maintained between the Remote Dock and any wall, bulkhead, or adjacent Remote Dock unit (this is identical to the DNA Engine family cycler base requirements.) Requirements for motorized lid operation or for loading or unloading plates may dictate additional clearances.
Remote Docks with mounted Alpha units may be stacked vertically as long as a minimum bottom clearance is maintained that would be no less than that resulting from the unit being placed on a solid horizontal platform. A minimum top clearance is also required to allow access to and operation of the Alpha unit lid.
Remote Docks can be flush-mounted (i.e., with the feet removed) to facilitate operation, as long as the airway beneath the unit is equivalent to the airway the unit would have with the feet attached. Usually a hole will need to be cut to allow air to flow to the cooling fan.
Power Supply
The Alpha unit mounted in each Remote Dock is powered from the thermal cycler base.
The Remote Dock’s fan is powered externally, and a power supply is provided that requires power from 90-250VAC and 47-63Hz, with a grounded outlet.
Air Supply
Alpha units being operated in the remote configuration have no operating constraints
that do not also apply to normal operations in the thermal cycler.

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