Bird 15551B VSO2 Reanimation

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Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Bird
Model : 15551B VSO2 Reanimation
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Used T Bird 15551B VSO2 Reanimation Ventilator

Supplied with Bird 15322C monitor.
TBird is a revolutionary ventilatory system designed to stay with your patient throughout the continuum of care.
Employing a revolutionary turbine technology in a compact, durable and lightweight package,
TBird provides uninterrupted mechanical ventilation for your critically ill patient.
There is no need to change ventilators or require additional staff. No longer do you need separate ventilators for acute care, transport and step down.
Just one TBird performs all of these jobs. Since one system performs so many functions,
costs can be lower, equipment inventories can be reduced, training simplified and, potentially, fewer complications can occur.

Comprehensive patient monitoring: The TBird VS02 provide eight monitored parameters which include:
- Vte: Exhaled Tidal Volume
- VE: Exhaled Minute Volume
- f: Total Breath Rate
- PIP: Peak Inspiratory Pressure
- MAP: Mean Airway Pressure
- I:E: I:E Ratio
- PEEP: Positive End Expiratory Pressure
- Ti: Inspiratory Time

Patient Safety

The TBird VSO2 include important safety features:
- Apnea backup ventilation automatically activates whenever patient apnea is detected.
- Internal battery provides emergency power during temporary power outage, or battery power during short duration transport.
- Optional external battery provides additional power for longer transports, and facilitates patient mobility.
- Locking mechanism prevents accidental changes to control settings.

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