Branson EVD 40 Cleaning Machine

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Model : EVD 40 Cleaning Machine
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1x, Branson, EVD 40 Cleaning Machine

The Branson Precision Cleaning Division of Branson
Ultrasonics Corporation introduces an EVD Ecological
Vapor Degreaser. The EVD is a non-aqueous single
chamber cleaning system, providing continuous, closed-loop
regeneration of cleaning liquid by vacuum distillation resulting
in minimum emissions.

Some of the advantages of the EVD process include its efficiency
low emissions compared with conventional open top vapor systems
and the accumulation of all soluble soils in the integrated still
The system has all the advantages of a pure distillate solvent
vapor rinse and also meets applicable environmental regulations.

The fully-enclosed EVD system incorporates a sealed cylindrical
process chamber in which the cleaning, rinsing, and drying
process takes place. The process chamber itself contains rotating
spray manifolds or ultrasonics, providing fluid agitation necessary
for cleaning of intricate components. Rotating sprays provide high
pressure solvent spray while the use of 40 kHz ultrasonics
is recommended for cleaning parts that have intricate designs
and where high levels of cleanliness are required.

Another feature of the EVD system is that cleaning solution
is brought to the parts, rather than the parts being transported
to the liquid (as in conventional batch or in-line vapor degreaser)
This results in a cleaning system with a small and compact footprint
High capacity pumps transfer the cleaning liquid to and from holding
reservoirs which are separate from the cleaning chamber itself.

The EVD Ecological Vapor Degreaser is designed to be used
with most solvents in popular usage today including Trichloroethylene
Methylene chloride, HCFCs, PFCs, HFCs or HFEs. Many safety
features are designed into the EVD system, including safety thermostats
and alarms, containment tanks, sealed chambers and indirect steam
of heating of the storage tank and vacuum still by a built-in steam generator

The units are ergonomically designed for operator convenience
with front loading and unloading allowing minimal basket handling
Cleaning, rinsing and drying times are programmable. The cycle
is fully automatic and PLC controlled with storage available
for ten different preset treatment cycles.

A typical process cycle is 10-12 minutes, including vapor wash
spray or immersion clean (with or without ultrasonics)
final distillate vapor rinse and vacuum dry.