Canon TX-10 NonContact Tonometer

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Manufacturer : Canon
Model : TX-10 NonContact Tonometer
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Last check : 22 Jul. 2021

1 x Pre-owned NonContact Tonometer Canon TX-10
Inclusive 1 year international warranty

Canon's TX-10 Tonometer has an unprecedented Detached Operation Unit.
Set it up next to your examinees or wherever it makes both them and you feel at ease.
With this versatility, they won't be forced to face you, and that helps to relieve anxiety during a check that some people find upsetting.

Operation is easy with the Detached Operation Unit's trackball and roller, instead of the usual joystick.
And after the initial alignment, it takes only an instant for the full
Auto Alignment to take over and check all three axes - a first for an instrument of this kind.

Think about your patients, and you'll quickly agree this is the way an exam should be.
Because the TX-10 is the non-contact tonometer that offers even more than meets the eye.

A higher IQ
While other tonometers automate some aspects of measurement, Canon's TX-10 brings full Auto Alignment to an amazingly broad area.
After the eye appears on the monitor, all you have to do is adjust the forward/backward axis until the two dots appear in the ring on the monitor.
Then the automatic alignment takes charge and handles fine adjustments on all three axes - the most time-consuming and bothersome part of an intraocular pressure check.

To compile a series of up to 10 measurements, just choose the Continuous Mode in the Set Mode Menu.
If you prefer, Manual Alignment is also available, of course.

Canon automation has the advantages of the One-Touch RL Switch as well. In only three to four seconds,
it moves the measuring head to the other eye, using the average X-axis pupilary distance
for a group of recent measurements - a real convenience (and productivity booster) when you're examining people with a similar condition.

The right match
There's no need to accept the limitations of your tonometer's face-to-face configuration any more.
The TX-10's Detached Operation Unit can be set up the way you want - and where it will make your patients feel more relaxed.
Put it next to them so you can help them open the eyelid all the way, or adjust it so you can stand.
Wherever it is, you'll be able to control the height of the chin rest from the Detached Operation Unit.
Not only is it versatile enough to accommodate individual differences, but its flexibility improves space efficiency and means you can position it against a wall.
You'll also like the sharpness of the Detached Operation Unit's 4-inch TFT* LCD Monitor.
The outstanding image quality makes it simple to check the data and condition of the eye.
And using the Set Mode Menu is easy with the selection shown in light blue and the other modes in purple.

Accuracy is by design
Even with the TX-10's easy alignment, the software that comes with it delivers unprecedented measuring accuracy.

You'll also appreciate the convenience of an Interface that arranges the results according to reliability, and adds an Unreliability Mark(*) to questionable measurements.
These helpful indicators indicating low reliability are included on the printout as well.
And when measurement cannot be completed because the patient blinks, the Blink Indication appears automatically on the monitor.

Safety comes first
Using a gentle air puff, the non-contact method measures intraocular pressure as the examinee stares at the green internal fixation-target or the red external one.
With a safety zone between the nozzle and the eye, the system eliminates any worries about passing on an eye infection as well as the bother of using anesthetic drops.

In addition to this fundamental advantage of non-contact measurement, the TX-10 has an improved electric
Safety Stopper to prevent the nozzle from going beyond the lock point.

More thoughtful touches
The TX-10 has a number of other touches that you'll come to appreciate over time.
The Help Menu appears in a window to give a brief description of the current mode.
There are also budget-conscious features such as the Reduced Printing Mode to save paper and Power Saving to put the system to sleep after five minutes of inactivity.

When the time comes to move the TX-10, you'll also like its low weight (at 16.7kg, it's as much as 23% lighter than competing models).
The convenient design also does away with the troublesome stage that tends to slide erratically when a conventional non-contact tonometer is transported.

Type Non-contact type
Measurement range 0 - 60mm Hg (30/60 changes automatically)
Operation distance Approx. 11mm from front of nozzle
Alignment Auto/manualL_atham_and_P_hillips
Observation range Approx. 15mm x 9mm
Memory Maximum of 10 measurements for each eye
Printer Thermal line printer
Data output RS232C
Power supply 110/120V, 220/240V, 230V
Main unit 299mm x 340mm x 484mm
Detached operation unit 170mm x 183mm x 178mm
Main unit Approx. 16kg
Detached operation unit Approx. 1.5kg

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