Carl Zeiss Ophthalmic Stratus OCT 3000

Ref : 2118340-13-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Carl Zeiss
Model : Ophthalmic Stratus OCT 3000
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 19 May. 2021

Optical tomography
Used, very good technical condition
Power supply: 230 V,
The frequency of 50/60 Hz.
Power: 700 VA,
Software Version: 6.0.4,
Non-invasive real-time preview video
Histopathological examination of non-invasive living tissues,
Visualization and analysis of retinal disorders,
The possibility of repeating the scan in the same place,
About 20 types of scans can define custom scans,
Normative database for the thickness of the nerve fiber,
Normative database for the thickness of the retina in the macula,
Measurement of the thickness of retinal nerve fiber layer,
An objective analysis of optic disc,
It allows detection of glaucoma at an early stage,
Internal Fiksator with the possibility of any change in its position.
Measurements of the structures seen in cross-section,

Imaging tomography:
Header - the cross-sectional imaging of the retina,
Type signal - optical measurement of scattering of light,
Signal source - superluminescent diode 820 nm.
Optical power: ≤ 750 microwatts on the cornea,
Longitudinal and axial resolution: ≤ 10 microns in a tissue,
Sample size transverse: 20 microns on tissue,
Scanner - galvanometric mirror,
Scan patterns: line, circle, concentric rings, radial lines,
Scan resolution: adjustable from 1024 x 128 to 1024 x 768 pixels,
Longitudinal depth range of 2 mm,
Scan speed: 400 A scan / sec,

Imaging FUNDUS:
Goal - fundus alignment, documentation,
Signal Type - CCD image,
Field of view: 26 ° x 20.5 °,
The method of display - flat panel display,
Lighting: IR / red-free
Internal fixation: 32 x 16 LED dot matrix,
The minimum diameter of the pupil: 3.2 mm

The kit includes:
Optical tomography OCT 3000
Computer with Windows 2000 Professional,
DELL 1907FPC flat screen diagonal of 19 "
Mouse Keyboard,
Color Printer HP Color LaserJet CP2025,
Mobile table CARL ZEISS 3000:
Suitable for moving patients on wheelchairs,
Smooth electrical height in the range of 68 - 86 cm,

Optical tomography: 48 x 56 x 49 cm
Overall gauge: 120 x 77 x 116,5 / 148 cm

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