Colines HANDrollEX 1000A

Ref : 2205621-6-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Colines
Model : HANDrollEX 1000A
Year(s) : 2009
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Cast film extrusion line
Number of layers 3
Film structure ABC
Material Stretch fim LLDPE
Film width (mm) 1000
Speed (m/min) up to 600
Output (Kg/h) 600
Extruder 1 Layer ref: A
Screw diam 60/30 LD
Extruder 2 Layer ref: B
Screw diam 120/30 LD
Extruder 3 Layer ref: C
Screw diam 60/30 LD
Head description FARCON with automatic gauge correction
Die width (mm) 1550
Chill roll unit 960
Thickness controll system Electronic System
Web guide Yes
Rewinder max reel diameter (mm) 230 on 3"cores and 80-150mm on 2" cores
Rewinder description Automatic
Additional information Thickness range: 12-50my Side trim recycler: Croci Chiller: Eurochiller 300Kw Pumping unit
Cast film extrusion lines are commonly used to extrude plastic films especially for flexible packaging industry.
In a cast film extruder PE, PP or PA granulates (or other polymers) are melted inro
an extruder and pushed through a flat extrusion die (T die), extruding a sheet
of molten polymer onto a cooled roller (chill roll).

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