Complete Brewery 1 Million Hl capacity

Ref : 278787-5
Condition : Used
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Model : Complete Brewery
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Material : 1 Million Hl capacity
Year(s) : 1988, 1989, 1990, 1998, 1999
Quantity : 1
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 19 May. 2011

Complete brewery for sale.

Either as an investment opportunity or to reinstate the facility as the end client, this offer represents unique benefits.

The brewery was producing 500,000 Hl of beer, at sales gravity, prior to its closure. This is based on 5 brews a day and brewing 5 days a week.

t is estimated that this could be increased to an annual capacity of 800,000 Hl by the addition of an extra run-off vessel between the Lauter Tun and the Wort Copper.
This could be further increased to 1M Hl per year by high gravity brewing and installation of deaerated water production and storage (PSR can offer the necessary equipment should it be required). A full assessment should be made of the capability of the other brewery storage vessel capacity to cope with the increased brew house output as detailed above. Again PSR can assist in this assessment as well as sourcing any extra plant.

All of the equipment has been dismantled, match marked, and is available for viewing strictly by appointment.

The equipment available is as listed below: -

Malt Handling – milling stream was manufactured by Künzel rated at 5 tonnes/hr. Apart from the mill the malt handling equipment was manufactured in 1990; the mill was manufactured in 1966 and has an unused set of spare rollers.

Brew house was manufactured by Huppmann in 1990 and consists of a mashing-in vessel, lauter tun, wort kettle and external boiler, whirlpool, and wort cooler. The wort cooler utilizes chilled water, which is cooled using ammonia. There are 5 water storage tanks of various sizes.

Fermentation consists of 8 Fvs, all glycol cooled. 4 are 1,000 Hl vessels manufactured by Schmidding in 1981, and the other 4 are 2,000 Hl vessels manufactured by Bauer in 1991. There are also 2 Gresser 49 Hl yeast vessels manufactured in 1993.

Maturation – there are 10 vertical vessels, 4 of 2,100 Hl capacity manufacture by Bauer in 1990, the remaining vessels were manufactured by Gresser in 1989, and are 4 off 800 Hl and 2 off 500 Hl

Filtration Stream – There is a 1989 Schenk “combi” plate and frame filter which is a combined KG and polishing filter, complete with KG handling equipment. There is also a APV flash pasteurizer (1989). Both units are rated at 200 Hl/hr.

Bright Beer Tanks – There are 2 BBTs, 2 of 800 Hl manufactured by EDEL in 1982. , and 2 of 1,000 Hl manufactured by Zeimann in 1990. These tanks are vertical and are unlagged.

Keg Filling Line – there is a complete KHS 3-lane 180 kegs/ hour plant capable of filling 50, 30, and 10 Hl kegs with Micromatic spears and fittings.

CIP Sets – There are 2 CIP sets available, one which cleaned fermentation and maturation, the other filtration, BBTs and packaging.

Utilities –

The following utility plant / equipment is also available: -

Boiler – a hot water boiler rated at 6 t/hr and manufactured in 1991.

Air Compressor x 1

Ammonia Refridgeration Set x1

The brewery is a modern well maintained facility, with a capacity of 3.2 million hectolitres (sales gravity). The brewhouse was renewed in 1988/89, and the brewery has undergone significant updates/ renewals since that date. The brewery is offered for sale either as a complete unit or as individual process streams and individual assets.

The Brewery was still in production until June of 2011.

The brewery benefits from process control based on Allen Bradley plcs and pcs. The process is controlled from one of 2 control rooms – the brewhouse control room controls the process from malt handling to yeast management and fermentation. The process control room handles the process from filtration through to bright beer.

In addition there are a number of auto/ manual stations on the plant for local control should that be necessary. Packaging is controlled from a number of local stations on the plant

Featured Assets

The main areas/ processes being offered are:-

Malt Handling – consisting of mainly Briggs of Burton and TA Shore equipment with 8 x 110T and 5 x 50T silos. There are 2 two malt processing streams, each rated at 10 t/hr

Brewhouse – 2 streams, each with a maximum brewlength of 890 Hl and together they can produce a brew every 3 hours. The brew streams are based around Lauter Tuns.

Fermentation – There are 38 cylindrical conical dual purpose vessels in various sizes between 1,000 and 3,600 Hl. In addition there are 20 “Yorkshire Square” fermenters for producing cask ales, each with a capacity of 890 Hl.

Yeast Handling – consisting of 12 x 33 Hl and 6 x 45 Hl yeast tanks, all on weigh cells. The yeast area benefits from a high degree of automated control. There is also a Scandibrew yeast culture plant.

Filtration – Blending – The brewery boasts of 2 complete filter streams each of 400 Hl/hr (Schenk horizontal leaf and Seitz plate and frame filters). There is a modern powder mix facility which minimises the health and safety issues with handling powders. In addition there is an extensive blending plant for the normal additives for both centrifugation and filtration.

Bright Beer – There are 9 x 1000 Hl, 2 x 1350 Hl, and 2 x 500 Hl BBTs, as well as a tanker loading facility.

Packaging - includes 2 keg filling lines, each rated at 1000 (50Hl) kegs/hr and a cask filling line rated at 320 casks/ hr. This includes all the normal ancillary equipment (flash pasteurisation for keg beer etc).

CIP – there are 8 fully automated CIP sets of various sizes on site.

Utilities – All the normal utility plant are available – Steam boilers, air compressors, refrigeration units, water treatment etc. The site includes a number of electrical sub-stations, transformers as well as the normal MCC rooms. In addition there is a 1MW CHP plant.

Complete Process Lines included in this Sale

Malt Stream 1 (10 tonnes/ hour)

Malt Stream 2 (10 tonnes/ hour)

Brew Stream 1 (Brewlength 890Hl)

Brew Stream 2 (Brewlength 890 Hl)

Brewhouse CIP Set

Hop Handling Plant


Racking Tank CIP Set


Yeast Storage and Management Facility

Yeast Culture Facility

Yeast CIP Set

Centrifuge No 1

Centrifuge No 2

B & A CIP Set

Filter Stream 1 rated at 280 Hl/hr brewed gravity

Filter Stream 2 rated at 280 Hl/hr brewed gravity

Filtration CIP Set


Tanker bay CIP Set

Pasteuriser 1 - A 500 Hl/hr flash pasteurising system

Pasteuriser 2 - A 500 Hl/hr flash pasteurising system

Keg Filling Line 1

Keg Filling Line 2

Cask Filling Line

Keg Racking CIP Set

Cask CIP Set

CHP Plant (1 MW electrical output)

Refrigeration Plant 1 (1230 KW cooling)

Refrigeration Plant 2 (1230 KW cooling)

Refrigeration Plant 3 (1340 KW cooling)

Deaeration Plant No 1 (180 Hl throughput - with DO2 of less than 50 ppb)

Deaeration Plant No 2 (300 Hl throughput with DO2 of less than 30 ppb)