Daf multifunctional HD Outside Broacast Vehicle

Ref : 2347084-19-W
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Daf
Model : -
Short Description : multifunctional HD Outside Broacast Vehicle
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 16 Nov. 2021

Single Expanding 12m - 14 Camera HD OB
with Cameras-Lenses-EVS-Tripods. 5,1 Dolby. Left Hand Drive
Length:12mWidth:2.55m ( 4.1m expanded )Height:3.95mWeight:24,000kgEngine/Gearbox:Chassis : Three axis, Rear axis steerable, wheelbase - 805cm
Make : DAF
Model : CF85
Engine : AS85XC 250KW / 340HP
Gearbox: 16 + 4 gears (ZF)
emmission: Euro 3Recorded Milage:98,000kmPower System:3 phase 50 amp/phase, connector CEE63AAir Conditioning:Split typeProduction:Vision Switcher.
Sony MVS-3000 - 32 inputs, 16 outputs2ME, 4 Keyers/ME, 8 ch. frame memory
Character Generator
1x Casper HD, 1x Inscriber

Monitor Wall Production
15 x TV Logic LVM-212W, 16x Barco ADVM14
Monitor Production Desks
6 x 17” LG TFT for EVS operators desksVTR-Edit:Space for up to 3 x EVS XT2, 6 operator positions,

Included in sale :

3 x EVS XT2 fully loaded with spare drives (new)
1 x EVS IP director
1 x AJA Kipro rack
GVG K2Vision Control/Engineering:Monitors Vision Control
2 x Sony PVM-1741, 8x BMD SmartView duo

Monitors Technical area
1x TV Logic LVM-212WAudio System:Audio Mixer
2x Yamaha DM2000 Cascaded96 mono inputs (48 digital/ 48 analog)8 bus, 2 master 12x aux, multitrack option
Audio Matrix
Thomson Triton 32x32 AES / EBU
Audio Monitoring
5x K&H 120A, Genelec in Video

Monitors Audio
4x Marshall 3 x 5.6” rack, 2x Barco ADVM10
Production Audio Effects
1x TC 6000FX with icon, 1x TC D2 Digital Delay1x Wave L2 Digital, 1x DK MDS600C Analyser1x DK MDS600C Analyser, 1x Dolby (E) DP570Embedder / De-Embedder Miranda ADX / AMX-3981, AJA FS2Multi Track Recorder1x Tascam MX2424Rec / Play Audio CD, CDR, Mini Mac

Stage box
Multicore4x 100m with 12x XLR (M/F) each

5x Sennheiser MKH-416 15x Sony Wireless WRT/WRR Series 1x DPA 5100 Surround 5.1

Intercom Matrix
RTS Cronus 48 x 48 6x KP32, 8x KP12 panels, 14x 4-wire IFB
Partylines 2x RTS dual channel with 4 beltpacks
Wireless Talk Back
Motorola Duplex, 2x Simplex, 6x Radio units
Commentators Interface
2x Commentator units with headsets

Made Fibre SystemCameras/Lenses:10 x HXC-100 channel ( triax)
1 x HDC-3300R Super Motion channel
1 x HDC-1500R channel
1 x Hitach Goal Cam

1 x XA101 x 8.9 BESM with remotes, support, flight case
1 x XA72 x 9.3BESM with remotes, support, flight case
2 x HA23 x 7.6BERD with remotes
1 x HA22 x 7.8 BERD with remotes
3 x HA18 x 7.6BERD with remotes
4 x HA18 x 7.6BERM with remotes
1 x HA13 x 4.5 BERD with remotes

1 x XJ86 x 9.3BIE MkII with remotes, support, flight case
1 x HJ22 x 7.6BIASE with remotes
2 x HJ11 x 4.7BIASE with remotes

3 x Video 90 with OB2000 legs, dolly, etc
10 x Secced Reach 5+ with CF legs, dolly.

Trial Cable on drumsOther Equipment And Areas:Glue
Miranda, Open Gear, Axon
Video Matrix
Nvision 8500 - 144 x 144 3G, NV920 Controller
Video Measurement
2x Tektronix WFM-5200
Remote Station –
Fibre2x with MTX panel, Intercom, Video & Audio

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