Dalmec 100% pneumatic manipulator with a pneumatic gripper tool

Ref : 2116148-8-FM
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Dalmec
Short Description : 100% pneumatic manipulator with a pneumatic gripper tool
Year(s) : 2019
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 02 Jun. 2021

100% pneumatic manipulator which has never been used
and which is equipped with a pneumatic gripper tool to transport Ø76mm axes.
The tool is specific but can be easily modified or replaced by another specific lifting tool.

Mechanical characteristic
maximum load 700 Kg
manipulator mass 2192 Kg
max radius 3860 mm
useful radius 3450 mm
vertical stroke 2100 mm
maximum encumbrance 5346 mm
space requirement min 2445 mm
rotation main pivot axis 3600
intermediate axis rotation 3000
tool axis rotation 3600

Pneumatic characteristics
supply fluid Compressed air, filter (40), non-lubricated (with a maximum presence of 1 mg / m3 of oil) and dry (dew point +3 0C).
Complies with the quality degree for area 5, 4, 3 of the ISO 8573-1 classification
supply pressure 0.85 Mpa (booster pump)
consumption at rest 5 NI / min
maximum consumption per working cycle 520 NI
air motor consumption 460 NI / min

Sound noise and vibration
A-weighted emission sound pressure level 76 dB (A)
Measurement performed on a similar manipulator by placing the phonometer at a distance of 1 m
from the manipulator and 1.60 m from the ground.
Hand-arm vibration at the handle is less than 2.5 m / s2

Environmental condition for use
The manipulator must be used under cover with the following environmental conditions
Temperature +0 ÷ + 400C
Relative humidity max 95%
Max altitude 1500 m above sea level
Atmosphere Clean air, without abnormal amount of dust, acid, corrosive gas, salt, etc.

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