Dolci Blown Film Line

Ref : 2056187-6-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Dolci
Model : -
Short Description : Blown Film Line
Year(s) : 1992
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 29 Nov. 2019

75 mm Single Screw Extruder approx length 2.8m (32/1)
Refurbished in 2014

The equipment was used here for the following:
· Material blend – LD 54.5%, LLD 28%, Master Batch (LD colorant) 7.5% and Calcarb (filler) 10%.
· Width – material is printed in a ‘tube’ non-edge trimmed state after passing through the Corona Treater.

Maximum printed width is 1350mm
Target non-trimmed width is 1420mm
Actual Corona treater width target approx. 1450mm – to allow for alignment and width fluctuation
Segmented operation with minimum Dyne level 40

· Line speed
Product thickness is nominally 50 to 100 µm with very occasional 500 µm (0.5mm)
Throughput range between 90 and 180 kg/hr
Line speed minimum 3m/min
Line speed maximum 55m/min (note the maximum run normally is nearer 25m/min when printing)

The unit comprises of:
A masterbatch feed system
the Dolci Extruder that you supplied c/w 112kw DC motor along with
Blown film mandrel Moda Meccanica TXCO/300
The new Martignoni corona treater – max treated width 1400mm
I think the printing station is now fully obsolete
Moda Meccanica winder station two sided – 300 mm Die
Munchy edge trim recycle

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