MasterBag Foil paper bags machine type MB 300 FB for hot food industry

Ref : 2545750-2-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : -
Type : MasterBag Foil paper bags machine type MB 300 FB for hot food industry
Year(s) : 2023
Quantity : 1
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Able to produce a variety of different FOIL paper bags, bags are a great solution for packaging and delivering hot food items. These bags are designed to warm hot contents during transport, making them ideal for take-out orders or food delivery services.

( Foil paper bags are made from a Composed of a bilayer structure, the outer layer is a Kraft paper bag while the inner layer is an aluminium foil bag, providing excellent insulation properties and durability. They resist grease and moisture, reducing the risk of leaks and spills. foil paper bags are a cost-effective and practical solution, Suitable for serving the hot food industry,)

• Roll Shafts Types: The feeding roller is an air shaft: easy to lock the paper roller by air.
• Type of Lifting: Rolling inflatable shaft with Hydraulic automatic feeding system: easy to change the paper roller.
• Tension Control: The magnetic powder controller has fast response speed, high control accuracy, long life, and stability.
• Tube Forming: The paper tube forming adopts an integrated tube forming adjustment structure.
• Color Mark: Senor to achieve the automatic colour mark position adjustment, adopts the German brand SICK.
• Bag Pressing Section: To make sure the big-size bag with good pressing and forming quality.
• Touch screen: Touch screen is easy to control.
• Hydraulic System: Hydraulic system for sheet roller changing, saving time, and more easy work.
• Driving Roller: Two driving rollers, more powerful and stable, adopts a Japan Yaskawa servo motor to control.
• Cutting Station: High-speed uniform rotating cutter through a serrated knife or a flat knife, driven by a Japan Yaskawa servo motor.
• Collecting Station: Automatic collect the finished paper bag on the online line, and you can set the number of one line on the touch screen.
• Automatic Lubrication System: Automatic lubrication system for the whole machine.
• Gluing: Automatic glueing system, adjust the volume of glue and location directly. With Energy-saving pressure rubber barrel, saving the cost.
• The glueing holding bracket for adding the glueing, is easier to operate, don’t need to clean the glueing box when stopping the machine.

Technical Data
• Bag Width: 150-330 mm
• Bag Width Bottom: 70-180 mm
• Bag Cutting Length: 275-530 mm
• Paper Roll Width: 380-1050 mm
• Max. Bag Speed: 150-260 pcs/min
• Paper Thickness: 60-150 g/m2
• Paper Roll Inner Diameter: 76 mm
• Max. Paper Roll Diameter: 1200 mm
• Air Supply: 0.6 - 1.2 Mpa
• Air Consumption: 0.12m3/min
• Machine Supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase, 4 wires
• Power: 15 KW
• Weight: 8500 KGS
• Dimension: L 8600 x W 3700 x H 1800 mm

• Power: 3 Phases, 380V ±10%, 50 Hz
• Compressed Air: Pressure: 0.6 MPa | Volume: approx. 0.5 m3/h | Oil and Humidity: 8 mg/m3
Installation Height: Max. altitude: 1500 mm
Ambient Requirement: Relative Moisture: Max. 65% when 40 °C | Temperature Range: 10~40 °C

Manufacturer Gutenberg bv ( The Netherlands )
Model MB-300
Year 2023

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