Foss NIRSystems 5000/6500, SmartProbe Analyzer

Ref : 1670976-18-W
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Foss
Model : NIRSystems 5000/6500, SmartProbe Analyzer
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AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 28 Nov. 2022

1x Foss, NIRSystems 5000/6500, SmartProbe Analyzer

Foss NIRSystems 5000, 6500 SmartProbe Analyzer, System-2
The SmartProbe raw material analyzer is the most versatile system,
that brings raw material testing out of the laboratory and into the receiving area,
for determining the acceptability of raw materials.

This instrument is ideal for 100% raw material identification programs.
A lightweight SmartProbe collects the chemical spectra of powder
or liquid samples using near- infrared (NIR) light, and informs the operator of product identity
and quality within seconds.

This system replaces wet chemical testing with a clean, non- destructive technique that is fast and portable.
It eliminates lengthy sample preparation, hazardous reagents and environmental problems associated
with conventional test methods.

The SmartProbe Analyzer offers:
• Reduce quarantine time - inspect raw materials directly in the shipping container
• Quick connect probes for optimized liquid or solid analysis
• Rugged analyzer for warehouse or plant environment
• Accepted by regulatory agencies as alternative method for raw material testing
• Validated vision Spectral Acquisition and Analysis Software.

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